Chinita's Day

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Chinita’s Day : 

Chinita’s Day In the light of the bible By: Eivert Caridad. S-411

History : 

History The Fair of the Chiquinquirá, it is a holiday that is celebrated every November 18 in honor to the Virgin of the Rosario de Chiquinquirá. It is a holiday that is a part of the culture of the Venezuelan, specially of the zulianos or marabinos, since the above mentioned festivity is celebrated specifically in Maracaibo.

History : 

History The parish believes that a lady found a “tablita” in the shore of the lake of Maracaibo does more than 300 years. The lady took the “tablita” and took her to his house, and according to the legend, happiness tablita illuminated the small house of the lady The parishioners believe that said “tablita” is the representation of the Virgin of Chiquinquirá, call like that due to the religious syncretism. Years later, the catholic church recognized the tablita as an appearance of the virgin

Culture and tradition : 

Culture and tradition The festivity is a part of the catholic religion. During the days of fair, the parish is present massively at night events in the different avenues of the city; others go to the religious masses and some of them are present at the bullfights and sports events

In the light of the bible : 

In the light of the bible Since I am an owner of my blog, I want to clarify well in that I am not a Roman Catholic, so that I do not agree with the above mentioned festivity. I believe that in these days, less than is done by it him it he is to honor God as creator, if not rather there is honored to the creature before that to the creator.

In the light of the bible : 

In the light of the bible I want to emphasize that I particularly have a deep respect as those practicing Catholics, since I believe that his heart longs God, but is important that we analyze our behavior in the light of the Bible, in order that he is A God himself speaking itself across her, it is because of it that I want to leave this Biblical text them for the reflection: " Because the customs of the peoples are a pretense; because they cut log of the forest, it hand acts maker's with burin. With silver and gold they adorn it; with nails and hammer they affirm it in order that it should not move. Laws are as palm, and do not speak; they are taken, because they cannot walk " Jeremy10:3-4