The Jungle Book 1967 vs 2016

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The Jungle Book 1967 vs 2016:

The Jungle Book 1967 vs 2016 By Ashleigh Munting

What technologies were used on the 1967 production? :

What technologies were used on the 1967 production?  Cel animation: a Cel  is a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted for traditional, hand drawn animation. Multiple layers are used to show an object moving. Every time a new layer is laid down, another picture is taken – similar to stop motion.  Multiplane camera: a motion picture camera used in the traditional animation process that moves a number of pieces of artwork past the camera at various speeds and at various distances from one another. Helps to create depth and make the camera seem as if it is moving through a scene when really it's the layers that are moving.  Instead of choosing a voice actor to fit the drawings of the characters, voice actors were chosen and then the design of the characters were adapted to suit them.  'Backgrounds were hand-painted – with the exception of the waterfall, mostly consisting of footage of the Angel Falls in Venezuela - and sometimes scenery was used in both foreground and bottom and filmed with the multiplane camera to create a notion of depth.' JB also used xerography (rather like photocopying), copying the animator’s drawings onto a light-sensitive aluminium plate and then onto cels , unlike the old, painstaking hand-inking process, tracing them from paper drawings'

What technologies were used on the 2016 production? :

What technologies were used on the 2016 production?  CGI: Computer generated imagery is the application of computer graphics to create or contribute to images in art, printed media, video games, films, television, programs, shorts, commercials, videos and simulators.  Mowgli acted against a blue screen and the animals were created digitally post production.  Motion capture: the process of recording the movement of objects or people.  'JB16 is the result of cutting edge CGI – the animals were created digitally post-production and the one actor in the film (playing Mowgli) acted against a blue screen.'    ‘We motion-captured the entire movie before we filmed anything and we cut the whole film together,’ says Favreau. Using that footage, the effects team then built the film’s sets virtually, a process known as previsualisation (previz). ‘Everything was mapped against the virtual sets. We designed the sets like you would for a video game.’

How was The Jungle book 1967 received by audiences and critics? :

How was The Jungle book 1967 received by audiences and critics?  A box office smash!  Walt changed the story slightly as it was too dark.  Companies (such as McDonald's) used the characters in order to appeal to their customers.  There is also a Jungle Book 2 which means the original was received well as they put money into producing a sequel.  Disney also gave some video game companies the rights to use their characters so video games were made.   'Disney also licensed the characters for use by other companies, such as Virgin who developed a Jungle Book video game for Sega, Gameboy and PC in the early 1990s'  ‘What Walt wanted was a film that was light, fun, and entertaining with happy songs - good stuff, fun stuff. He didn’t want to go anywhere near darkness’, according to animator Floyd Norman 

How was The Jungle Book 2016 received by audiences and critics? :

How was The Jungle Book 2016 received by audiences and critics?  'a box office smash' almost '$1billion in global ticket sales'.  Have access to a larger range of marketing: social media, conventions, developed tech to make movie trailers.  Other companies still team up with Disney which helps the company and Disney to promote their films.  Favreau appealed to high school kids but cutting stuff like happy songs and added more intense moments such as Bagheera snarling and pouncing.  The use of well-known actors posing with their characters also helped to appeal to adult audiences as they are actors whom they have grown to respect. This also helps with characters development. Another reason the movie was a hit was due to nostalgic Disney fans. 'embraced by critics and audiences'  ‘Looking at The Jungle Book CinemaScore breakdown: 97% of the audience gave the film an A or a B. The total positive response from PostTrak was also a very high 92%. It is 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. It’s also a very high ‘definite recommend.’ The film got A’s from both the under and over 25 crowd and A+ among those under 18 years of age and also for the over-50 audience.’