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Advertising – Old Spice:

Advertising – Old Spice By Ashleigh Munting


Layout : Two sailors on a boat talking and looking out to sea.  There is a picture of Old Spice After Shave lotion in the bottom right and the brand name is at the bottom left of the advert.  Typography : Brand name ‘Old Spice’ is in red italics. The slogan is in bold black letters and underneath there is a small paragraph that contains information about what the product is and how much it is in a smaller black font. Having the only coloured text be 'Old Spice' helps it to stand out and catch a reader's eye.  Language : Uses formal speech yet uses a slightly chatty tone: "the shave lotion that men recommend to other men!". Also it directly addresses their target audience by using pronouns such as "your".  Image : low angle, two person shot of two sailors. The low angle makes them look big and strong, like they can do anything. The sailors seem confident and relaxed: leaning on the bar of the boat, hand in their pocket, just talking and looking out to see. Old Spice can transform men into confident, noble, sailors. Shallow focus is used so the main focus is on the two sailors. The image does not show the whole boat that they are on. If it were a long shot of them on a boat, the sailors may look less powerful as they would look miniscule compared to the large naval ship. Slogans/Wording : "The lotion that's cool, exciting – brisk as an ocean breeze" - Simile, relates to the image which is located on the ocean. A "breeze" is free and can do whatever it wants - be free like the wind. "cool, exciting – brisk" - triple positive adjectives suggesting that Old Spice will change your life. Next to brand name ('Old Spice') at the bottom of the advertisement there is the slogan: ''the shave lotion that men recommend to other men". The noun 'men' is used which shows strength, if they had used another noun such as 'boy' the product wouldn’t look as appealing to men. Furthermore, the slogan suits the picture as the sailors look like good friends and look like one of them may be recommending the brand to the other sailor. Being a sailor you can have really good days but then you can have absolutely terrible days, it is as if Old Spice is there to help make their day better.  Choice of people : they have chosen to use two sailors which implies that if you use Old Spice you will be on the same level as a strong courageous sailor. This may give a man the incentive to buy Old Spice as they may want to have the same respect as a sailor.  Product : The product had been placed in front of its’ packaging which is a red box. The product has been put in front of the picture of the two sailors as if to say because of this product they are brilliant sailors.  Product Name/Company name : The name of the product is “Old Spice”. “Old” has connotations of wisdom and when you have wisdom you have power. Using Old Spice will make the consumer feel powerful. “Spice” creates the idea of cooking which can be a comforting, delicious – food is something, if it smells good, people are unable to resist. If men wear this product, women will not be able to resist them. Old Spice isn’t something for someone who wants to be fancy and delicate, it is for someone who is strong and rough and is for someone that works hard.  Colour :  Dark sailor suit, gold buttons, white cap. The dark colour scheme makes them seem more masculine whereas if they were dressed in a bright pink uniform, the wrong idea would be portrayed.  Lighting : high key lighting used which helps to bring focus to the naval soldiers. The high key lighting also accentuates that it is a bright day on the boat which emphasises relaxation. Although they are sailors, they can still relax and Old Spice may have something to do with that.

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