Fantasy Kabaddi League Match 9 Delhi vs Tamil Nadu Fantasy Kabaddi Tip

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Delhi will take on the Tamil Nadu on Thursday, 25th July at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium, Hyderabad where the fantasy kabaddi game is scheduled for the day.


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slide 1: Fantasy Kabaddi League Match 9: Delhi vs Tamil Nadu Fantasy Kabaddi Tips After a cliffhanger of a game which saw two captivating attacking exhibitions one from debutant Suraj Desai of the Telugu and youthful Naveen Kumar from Delhi the last edged the previous to a nearby out a 1-point win to open their record in Fantasy Kabaddi League 2019. In their next task they will take on the Tamil Nadu on Thursday 25th July at the Gachibowli Indoor Stadium Hyderabad where the fantasy kabaddi game is scheduled for the day. The low number of tackle points 7 they figured out how to create against the Telugu will stress Delhi as they need to take on another attack powerhouse in the positions of the Tamils. The Tamil Nadu in the interim traveled to a win over the Telugu in their opening match of fantasy kabaddi with the Attack Machine Rahul Chaudhari driving the route in the attacking office with a Super 10 as a strong Manjeet Chillar execution earned the all-rounder a High 5 in the guarded plan of things. Both these sides have the winning force and will need to prop it up as they fight it out in an exciting conflict in the fantasy kabaddi league match 9. Delhi Key fantasy kabaddi Players: Naveen Kumar Ravinder Pahal and Meraj Sheykh Delhi won attributable to two critical hard and fast points and keeping in mind that they had a decent disposition all through the game their defensive work needs some rearranging as they could figure out how to secure just 7 tackle points with the Desai siblings going crazy. The way that they couldnt handle Suraj Desai who got a record 18 attack points even once reveals insight into cautious vulnerability. Anil Kumars dreary show implies that he could clear route for Satywan or Saied Ghaffari. In the striking department Naveen Kumar was electric and scored 14 attack points without being handled even once and paralyzed any semblance of Abozar Mighani with his snappy feet development and splendid expectation. While Chandran Ranjit did provide him with respectable help with 6 attack points Meraj Sheykh left a great deal to be wanted with only two points. Tamil Nadu Key fantasy Players: Rahul Chaudhari Ajay Thakur and Manjeet Chillar The Tamilians likely have the most well-set group mix in the whole league with an exceptionally solid beginning 7 which indicated what it could do in its absolute first excursion.

slide 2: Rahul Chaudhari set up a decent show in the main match and could well be joined by captain Iceman Ajay Thakur and Shabber Bapu as the trio can torment the Delhi defense which looked pained against the Telugus. The Tamil have great help on the seat from V Ajeet Kumar and this rounds off an excellent attacking unit. Ran Singh and Mohit Chillar look very strong in their situations in the left and right corners separately while Manjeet Chillar was in fine form against the Telugu and youthful Ajeet who joined forces Manjeet in the spread blend worked admirably also. Fantasy Kabaddi League Match 9: Starting 7s Delhi: Joginder Singh NarwalC Ravinder Pahal Vishal Mane Naveen Kumar Meraj Sheykh Chandran Ranjit and Anil Kumar. Tamil Nadu: Ajay ThakurC Rahul Chaudhari Shabber Bapu Ran Singh Mohit Chillar Manjeet Chillar and Ajeet.

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