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Brand Identity:

Brand Identity Lauren Iball

What is brand identity?:

What is brand identity? Brand identity is how the artist is portrayed in an iconic and recognisable way throughout their use of cross media platforms and merchandise. This is shown through the use of similar themes, house styling, colours etc.


Representation When creating my digipak , advert and music video, I have shown a clear house style in each one that shows Pixie Lott as sexy, yet feminine and girly so she appeals to her target audience. This image is continued in each design and conception so it is iconic to Pixie Lott as an artist.


Digipak In my digipak , this sexy yet feminine representation is shown in each image used, as well as the colours and fonts. The main image reinforces Pixie Lott’s beauty with the close up shot of her flawless face with parted lips and messy hair to appeal to the male audience as well as the females, who aspire to look like her. The other images show her styled in complimentary clothes that flaunt her figure. Such as a long shot of Pixie in a revealing dress that draws your attention to her back, again emphasising sex appeal. The main colour used is pink, that highlights her femininity and makes her approachable to younger females as it is the most stereotypical colour for girls. I kept the CD itself simple as this is seen repetitive in Pixie Lott’s previous CD’s. I have used a pink imprint of lips to keep to the representation of sexy and feminine. This is seen repeated on the spine and front cover of the digipak , creating an iconic image.

Magazine advert:

Magazine advert In my advert, I have continued this style using the album cover as the main image of the magazine advertisement. This makes it recognisable and follows the styling of Pixie Lott that is resembled in the digipak . The font styles are also kept the same, I will use hot pink to make them stand out. As well as this, I have incorporated the lip imprint as a background to 30% of the advert. This makes it recognisable and follows in the style of Pixie Lott that is represented in the digipak .

Music video:

Music video When creating my music video, I had to ensure all of these details and styles where portrayed within the video to allow the audience a clear representation of Pixie Lott. I have used outfits that are shown in the digipak to convey this, as well as pink lipstick that has been used to symbolise the iconic lip imprint that is shown throughout my designs. The front cover of the album, where Pixie’s makeup is a smoky eye, will be represented in part of the music video to show her ‘perfect’ beauty. I think throughout these three tasks I have shown a clear brand identity that allows the target audience to recognise Pixie Lott by just seeing these little details of styling, fonts and colours.