Types of Software Testing and it's Importance

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WHY Software testing is very important:

WHY Software testing is very important WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved


Types of Software Testing and it's Importance Software Testing is a process of checking the functionality and processing of a software application. This testing is all about approving the software that it is having all the requirements according to the customers need. It verifies about all the doubts and detect defect if any present in the software adding to this it also checks the quality of the product. There are many type of approaches and methods of Software Testing. It shows the difference between the present existing conditions of the software and required conditions of the software with features of the software items.  Software testing training  would be required if you want to work in qa testing domain. Types of Software Testing : Manual  Software Testing Automation Software Testing WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved


Manual Software Testing Manual Software Testing is a type of software testing which include the manual checking and evaluation of the software. In this type of software testing there is no use of the automatic tools for the process of testing the software. The tester should use a different perspective of testing the software here that is perspective of end user. The tester should be aware about all the requirements and documents of the user. Automation Software Testing Automation Software Testing is a type of software testing which includes the use of automatic tools in the evaluation of the software. It also checks the requirement of the software is according to the user or not. It is the method to check the entire life of the software in less time and with a great efficiency. Automatic testing is really important because it is the way to crosscheck the newly fixed software. Whether, the software is in proper condition to use and having all the requirements according the need of the user. This technique has a major role of test scripts which are used in checking the proper working of the software is bug free or not. Mostly using automation Testing tools are QTP/UFT and Selenium. WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved


QTP/UFT QTP stands for Quick Test Professional and Unified Functional Testing. Now QTP tool is known as Micro Focus UTF. It was originally made by Mercury Interactive and named Quick Test Professional. But it was subsequently acquired by Hewlett Packard (HP) in 2006. Then it was named as Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing. It provides functional and regression test (re-running functional tests to check the working of the software). It is used for many purposes like enterprise quality assurance. It was developed by the MICRO FOCUS and released on 14 March 2018 in the operating system of Microsoft Windows. Unified Functional Testing relates with the keyword sand scripting interface. Features of UFT: Exception handling Data-driven testing Automating custom and complex UI objects Extensibility WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved


Advantages of using the QTP Easy and user-friendly Don’t take so much time and efforts inn making script. Advanced technology of functional and regression test Fabulous object identification mechanism. Run in windows. Selenium Automation Testing Tool Selenium was developed by Jason Huggins in 2004 (as an internal tool at ThoughtWorks ) but later on he was joined by any other testers and result was a new development called Selenium Remote Control. Later on many additions were done in this as Huggins joined Google. Selenium is an open source of automated testing for web applications across different browsers. It also has similarities with the HP QTP but difference is that it focuses on automating web-based applications. Selenium is written in java and the operating system is Cross-platform. Selenium contains many components with unique role in adding the development of the web application test automation. Selenium has different tools and has different developers also. WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved


Components of Selenium Automation Software Testing are: Selenium IDE Selenium client API Selenium web driver Selenium Remote Control Selenium Grid Advantages of Selenium Automation Testing Tool Document object model which is used in continuous integration with agile projects. Supports different type of browsers Gives different options about a wide range of IDEs Wires Object Oriented Programming Languages WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved


Importance of Software Testing : We all are humans and its natural to make a mistake. Thus we have to check because software is very critical part of any system or application developed and in this a small mistake can become a disaster. Software Testing is specially required in the development phase of any application because there could be any fault due to many reasons like lack of knowledge, lack of experience of the worker, problem during implementation of software etc. It is very necessary that the delivery of the product should of high quality otherwise customer will switch to another company Because now a day brand loyalty is not found. As we know software making process is expensive and time taking so that it should be preferred by the makers that software testing should be in the top of their list so that neither it wasted their time nor the money. It is the only point of company where customer satisfaction is very necessary which at last build the trust of the customer on company which really important for the company to maintain its image and reputation in the market. In conclusion I can highlight the points : Product quality Customer satisfaction Reputation of company in market WWW.DIGIBASK.COM [email protected]:All right reserved

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