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Fellow Classmates, Time has certainly flown by. It seems that it was only a few years ago when first around on the campus of San Alberto Magno Academy. During our first days on the “yard” we were able to develop life-long relationships and begin the transition to adulthood. Our experiences molded us and prepared us for the lives we now currently enjoy. It is not very difficult to remember dances in SAMA basketball court, Pasaway moments, Expo Filipino tour and youth encounter. These mutual experiences developed a special bond between classmates and all faculty members. We now have an opportunity to celebrate this unique experience that is our 10th Reunion. Please consider this letter to participate in the planning and organization of our reunion. Homecoming is December 30, 2010. The final decision will be based on feedback received from class members. We would also ask that class members provide their preferred e-mail addresses. This will lessen the correspondence cost. It is our goal to ensure that we do not let another significant anniversary pass without celebration. We hope that many others will join in the planning and participation. Please forward notification of your interest or suggestion to on of the following contacts: Nino Baltazar---- [email protected] or here facebook account Mobile # 09193715334 Look forward to seeing you soon…. Long live millennium batch!!!

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