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By: Lieselot  - 48 month(s) ago

Hey Iris, Good points: - You use visuals in the PowerPoint - You speak fluent - I don’t recognise vocabulary mistakes Points to improve: - Try to speak with more enthusiasm - Maybe you can introduce what you’re going to talk about - Try to use more relevant pictures

By: Laurabasteleus  - 48 month(s) ago

Hey Iris, Good points: Your english is very fluent. You don't speak too fast and not too slow. You used visuals rather than text, I like that! The topics are explained specifically and to the point. Points to improve: There could be more intonation in the way you speak because now it could be seen as monotone. The circles on the graph could be neater and I would use more meaningful pictures. It would be nice if you added a slide for the conclusion.

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