What's New on authorSTREAM?

Synchronized Video in PowerPoint as Narration or Multimedia

Adding live video narration to PowerPoint presentations from several sources such as web cams, DV or mini DV cameras, or from video files from the hard disk will now allow presenters to literally present their presentations online without the need of being physically present. Go to the Synchronized Video in PowerPoint service.

Premium Service

Enrich your PowerPoint sharing experience with Pro and Business memberships. Let your presentations earn money for you with Google AdSense revenue sharing, share more private presentations, download presentations in Flash, have your own branding, get presentation statistics, add more channels to cater to multiple interests and make ad-free videos from your presentations. See membership comparison chart.


authorSTREAM Channels are an easy way for anyone to showcase presentations around a common theme. Do you have a small production company? Do you rock-out in a band? Make a Channel for your presentation, or presentations you find on authorSTREAM. So go right ahead and share your PowerPoint presentations through your own personalized channels.

Create and Send Greeting Cards with authorSTREAM!

Send free greeting cards to your friends and loved ones. You can create your own backgrounds, post pictures or media, include your favorite poem or song lyrics, or just speak from your heart. All you have to do is upload your PowerPoint presentation and send it to your special someone. Not that creative? No problem. Just choose from our various card options to put together your unique greeting card. Simply go to Presentation Greetings and start your masterpiece.


This allows You (a website owner) to seamlessly integrate authorSTREAM's Services with Your own website, using an API key. This would enable Your users to upload and retrieve presentations, from Your website, without any need for them to visit authorSTREAM.

authorSTREAM on Facebook

We believe the funny Presentations will keep You happy the whole day through. Don't want to laugh alone? Share Your favorites with Your friends either by sending a message or sharing it on Your Facebook profile page.

Guest Uploads

No signup is required to upload Your presentations on authorSTREAM, You can upload as a Guest (though with access to a limited set of features). You can instantly upload a presentation and get the URL and embed code to share or use it in Your blog. All Guest uploaded presentations are public by default.

Presentations uploaded as Guest can also be transferred to Your account. For this You need to sign in or register on authorSTREAM from the same computer and browser that You uploaded the presentations from (as a Guest). If You have cleared cookies or You register from some other browser/computer then Your presentations will not be automatically available in Your account. In such a scenario You can use the Guest pass code that is provided to You after each uploaded presentation. Click on the 'Claim Your Guest Presentations' link on 'Your Uploaded Presentations' page and enter the Guest pass code.

Present Live

Upload Your PowerPoint presentation and share the 'Present Live' link with Your contacts. All Your contacts can then watch and discuss the presentation, with You being in control. You can click through the slides and take them through the presentation. You can text chat with Your attendees or call them using the telephone/VoIP application.

Send to YouTube

If You have 'Rehearsed Timings' or have recorded audio 'Narrations' in Your PowerPoint file, they would automatically be available in a video format (MP4 & M4V). You can upload these on YouTube via send to YouTube feature available in 'Your Uploaded Presentation' page.

Share on iPod via iTunes

The presentations with 'Rehearsed Timings" or having an audio 'Narrations' can also be downloaded in iTunes. Your viewers can then sync their iPods and have Your presentations available even when they are not online!

Download PowerPoint

You can also download PowerPoint files, if their respective authors have given the permission to do so. This is a great feature for those who like a presentation and want to use a slide or two of it to enrich their own.

Private Presentations

Hesitant to upload private content on web? No worries!! You can mark Your presentations as Private. authorSTREAM protects Your private content, and makes sure that it is seen only by You and the people You want. Your private presentations won’t show in the search results, or in Your public profile. You can easily share Your private presentations with Your friends and family by inviting them directly through the Upload page, or through the Share Presentation page.

Featured Audio/Animated Presentations

At authorSTREAM, innovation and creativity knows no bounds. authorSTREAM community pick up cool presentations, and mark them up as Featured. You can find these interesting and engaging presentations categorized as Featured, Featured Audio and Featured Animated. Presentations with unique animations get featured and are clubbed under Featured Animated; and presentations with appealing audio are grouped under Featured Audio.

RSS Feeds

authorSTREAM offers various kinds of RSS feeds. You can subscribe to them to receive customized up-to-date information from Your favorite slideshow sources without having to regularly check the site for updates.
You can subscribe to

Import Contacts

Stop "Typing" Contacts Now!! Use authorSTREAM's Import Contacts tool to import contacts right into Your contacts' lists without having to type, or copy n paste. You can now easily import address books from Yahoo! Mail, GMail, AOL, and MSN into Your authorSTREAM account. Importing Your contacts takes just a few clicks. All You need to do is select Your email provider, and enter Your username and password for the same. We respect Your privacy; authorSTREAM does not store Your user name and password. All the contact info that You upload is secured exclusively for Your use.

Upload from authorPOINT

You can upload Your presentation to authorSTREAM directly from authorPOINT. authorPOINT is a highly versatile plug-in tool for PowerPoint® that is built to capture and record voice as You deliver Your PowerPoint presentations. You can capture Your audio live, or synchronize Your PowerPoint with pre-recorded audio files. The annotation tool lets You annotate on Your slideshow making it more interactive and engaging. Capturing Your timings, annotations and live audio, authorPOINT delivers a synchronized presentation that can be played in Flash format. authorPOINT allows for a direct upload to authorSTREAM to share Your presentations. All You need to do is connect to the internet and enter Your authorSTREAM username, and password. Your presentation will be uploaded and added in Your authorSTREAM account.