Writing With Your Heart

When we think about non-fiction writing, doing research and writing reports, we usually don't think about writing with our heart. But this might be why so many nonfiction books and articles are so dry and boring. We need to think about the topic and relate our personal experiences, opinions, and feel about it to our readers. There is a place for metaphors and colorful, descriptive text in research, as long as it doesn't obscure the meaning. If you write from your heart, you will not be tempted to plagiarize, because the ideas and feelings you would be relating to others would reflect the heart of someone else and not your own. This is why the presentation on paraphrasing is included in this channel. Paraphrasing means that you read someone else's work and then project it through the lens of your own opinions and perceptions of the world. Your writing makes your ideas immortal. People will be able to mentally hear your voice and understand your ideas long after you are dead. The more you write, the more your great-great grandchildren and others in the world will be able to know you. This is another reason that the voice that echos through time is your own, and no one else's. Write with your heart...or there is no use writing at all.

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