2012 Mayan Predictions. Bible Prophecies

The Mayan belief, which is verified by today’s scientific and astronomical communities, is that there will be a planetary alignment in our Milky Way, called the Grand Cycle that occurs once every 25,625 years, divided into five minor cycles of 5,125 years. Scientists believe that the effects are already starting to be felt in 2011 as evidenced by the sudden rise in the frequency and ferocity of hurricanes, storms and earthquakes/tsunamis around the world. Earth may experience a polar flip. The consequences on Earth’s weather by influence of the ecliptic in the Milky Way on December 21, 2012 could reach cataclysmic proportions. Are you ready for this New Age to dawn? The Bible's book of Revelation was written to prepare us for this Time of Tribulation. Don't be too late getting the information you need. These are some of the topics you will see on the channel: 2012 Mayan Planetary Alignment: Dec. 21, 2012 and the alignment of the planets that happens once every 25,000 years Ancient Symbols Have Never Left: The meaning of New World Order symbols related to 2012 USA Prophetic Role in World Change: Washington DC and the Founding Fathers formed a plan for 2012 to be fulfilled All Eyes On Jerusalem: USA and Israel, War and Peace, and the focus to come on Jerusalem The Mysteries: Bringer of Fire: Alchemy and the Ring of Fire have a global impact Golden Age of the Red Dragon: The Golden Age of the Serpent will return Atlantis Returned: The famed ancient empire that ruled the world and the Nephilim race that controlled it DNA &The Serpent’s Grand Deception: Lucifer’s plan of deception that as the antichrist in his temple

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By: funkypamela  - 67 month(s) ago

Hi Rick, I came upon your utube videos in the past few weeks and am really enjoying them. You have so much indepth teaching and I am learning things I did not know before. Thank you for all your hard work. Pastor Pam Funk, Manitoba, Canada (Worship Artist and Family Crisis Counselor) Sweet Spirit Ministries.

By: MATHEWABEY  - 90 month(s) ago

other than god almighty,god of israel ,who send his only son jesus christ to this world ,no one can determine end of this world. so never get misguided or misguide any one .as it was told much before ,of such myth, which will try to over take this world...JUST BELIEVE IN JESUS

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