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I had converted my PowerPoint presentation into a video. But there’s no sound in the video. Why?

That can happen when your presentation has a linked audio file (linked to a local path on your computer). When you upload a presentation with such an audio file, our servers will not pick the linked audio path. As a result, when you convert your PowerPoint presentation to video, there is no sound in the video output.

We recommend you to either embed the audio in your presentation or use our free PowerPoint plug-in authorSTREAM Desktop to insert linked audio files in your presentation. All you have to do is install authorSTREAM Desktop, insert audio and upload the file from within the PowerPoint using the Post to authorSTREAM button under authorSTREAM tab.

The audio will ship with PowerPoint and will play fine in authorSTREAM output as well as in video output.

Please make sure that you verify audio in your presentation when it gets published on authorSTREAM before proceeding for video conversion.

Note: authorSTREAM supports only WAV, MP3 and WMA formats.

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