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11/29/2010 8:35:29 AM
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I am embedding with present live and want to know if there is any way to bypass the Welcome page with "Please specify a screen name:

Is there a flashvar that will jump this step? I want to go directy to the live presentation since I have embedded the page on my website, and included a separate chat application.

Here is my site:

Can anyone suggest a good way to fix this?

Thank you!
12/1/2010 2:58:13 AM
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There isn't any option for now. However, we will see how we can tackle the use-cases like yours.
12/12/2010 11:27:27 AM
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Then perhaps there is an option to crop out the discussion by embedding the presentation inside an iframe in XHTML???

I have successfully cropped away the discussion area by inserting the script inside an iFrame and playing with the height and width.

Here is the site:

This works fine in most versions of IE but does not work in Firefox or Chrome. The discussion still shows.

Here is a short video demonstrating how the two look:

This first shows IE, and second shows Firefox. I do not want the chat box to appear.

Here is the script:

<iframe src=""
width="131%" height="500"
align="left" scrolling="no">

Can anyone offer suggestions?
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