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By: joshinshajic (94 month(s) ago)

amazing presentation

By: don72000 (99 month(s) ago)

plz send me this ppt on ATM Frauds and Thefts - Cards Get Stolen Easily in my email adress if possible. Don

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By: brabazon (111 month(s) ago)

on the premise that prevention is better than cure, I applaud Barclays for this presentation. But what avout the other banks who issue ATM cards? What efforts are being made to assist their customers with the potential nightmare of ATM frauds. I have just lost my entire life savings, without a word of warning, a dull silence when reporting the frauds, and a marked reticence to look any further into my allegations and suspicions of collusion with the criedit card company issuing the ATM card. Where do I go for help? The ombudsman has bounced my complaints straight back to me, suggesting I first seek some kend of settlement with the bank. I have been trying to do this for 15 months, and met with nothing but nothingness and/or hhostility. The best they could do was a note to the effect that everything appears to be ¨Normal¨. Thanks a bunch. What is everything and what is normal? Answere: No comment. No reply. I have met the proverbial brick wall of silence. Any advice from other consumers with similar experience of the reticent bank, would be extremely helpful, if only comforting. It has gone far enough. ATMs are a can of worms, and it is about time that its contents are fully exposed.

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