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By: mtahuri (125 month(s) ago)

They person who has produced this video has a hatred for Iran and hasn't spent time to educate before presenting something on a country. Some of these pictures are not even from Iran (like the one that the person has fallen during stonning, that is a picture from Afghanistan). There are other pictures who are photo shop products like the one with Khatami. Here are a few facts: Iranian laws allow public hanging for the mere message that it sends to people who may think of such actions. Political dissidents are never punished in public for fear of uprising. Only those with rape, armed rubbery & murder convictions are hanged publicly. No stoning has performed since 2002. New law currently in works in the Iranian congress has removed any reference to stoning or dismembering. So I gree we should pressure Iranian Government for human rights violation and it DOES work however no tool is more beneficial than truth. IF you have an agenda with Iranian nuclear issue (while your own stockpile is full of nuclear warheads) then be decent enough to pick something else than Human Rights to beat your foe with. This is about people lives and such distortions of truth jeaperdizes the entire human right movement.

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