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By: jalan_yogesh (125 month(s) ago)

wow. this is a lovely presentation. could you please email me at crownjalan@gmail.com. Thanking you in advance :-)

By: pharmamangesh (130 month(s) ago)

nice excellant can't simply enogh for this presentation. very very good presentation.

By: shafivsp (131 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation really lov it

By: atmanuangarkhu (133 month(s) ago)

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By: Risa1 (134 month(s) ago)

No, this is not awesome! This is lame! It's new age otherworldly pseudo-psychology. I would very much love to watch the sitcom where the parents tell their children to let go of guilt because it accomplishes nothing. Really? And this.... Slide 21: Let go of Past Heart Breaks Realize that the pain in heartbreaks is not the loss itself Slide 22: It's the idea of that loss you create in your head What does any of that even mean? I teach 8th graders who can express their thoughts more clearly. Please stop with the psycho-babble.

By: Risa1   (134 month(s) ago)

Thank you for your reply to my rant, by the way. You had no reason to be kind after such rudeness on my part, and I appreciate that you were. In future, I think I'll reserve my comments for when I'm in a much more centered frame of mind.

By: Risa1   (134 month(s) ago)

You're right. My comment really was pretty bitter and harsh, and I actually regret having posted it. Especially the bit about the 8th graders. I do apologize. But I don't feel any differently about a little guilt being healthy. I really think that guilt (or the desire to avoid feeling guilty) keeps us honest at times when the simple desire to do the right thing isn't strong enough. It keeps us from repeating bad choices if we didn't get caught the first time. I think Tiger Woods could have used a healthy dose of guilt after indiscretion #1: it might have saved his marriage and his career. With regard to loss, many of us who have suffered the loss of a loved one would agree that the loss of the person themselves does hurt (not just the emotional attachment we had to that person, without which there could be no sense of loss in the first place), and probably will forever. When something happens that I want to share with my sister, my first thought is to pick up the telephone. I still have to remind myself that she isn't there to answer, and she died more than four years ago. It hurts me just to know that she isn't there, even when I don't want to talk to her. Pain changes and lessens over time; gaping wounds do heal, but they often leave scars that never go away. I just think it's too simplistic to address the issue of loss as something that one should strive to let go of. I think that with the loss of a loved one, pain seems to have to let go of you.

By: Soulhiker   (134 month(s) ago)

Thanks for your input...although a bit on the bitter and harsh. Risa, I would love to hear exactly your opinion of what guilt really accomplishes and what positive function does it have. I believe that would be enlightening for me. I think you are mixing up the negative feeling of guilt with having actually done something wrong which you can eventually correct. The latter is something you can act upon the former is just a useless downer. Think about it. Regarding slide 21 & 22, the point is this: When we lose something and our heart aches, it is not the loss itself that hurts us but the emotional and subjective weight we attach to that loss. If this was not so then everyone would feel the same way about losing something or anyone would always feel the same all his life for something he has lost years ago. Clearly this is not so since one may feel really heart-broken and another person unaffected by the same experience. This shows that it is purely subjective and a self-created illusion. Lastly, I feel really happy to know that 8th graders can express themselves so brilliantly. This restores my faith in the future.

By: gaurav2009 (134 month(s) ago)

it is really awesome ,thanks for sharing

By: xiby (134 month(s) ago)

Good to find a fellow citizen on AS. I have seen your presentation and I would love to congratulate you on the wonderful text accompanying the show. All worthy reading but not always easy to follow or put into practice. Life is not always a bed of roses. Background music would have given the PPS more punch.

By: Soulhiker   (134 month(s) ago)

Thanks for your kind comments and for the tip. I do agree that some background music would have greatly enhanced the slide show. I also fully agree with you that life is not always a bed of roses...actually it's far from that. It is for this very reason that we should realize certain inner 'truths', follow certain rules of practice and engage into positive life-affirming habits instead of self-destructive lifestyles (as I'm sure we all witness around us on a daily basis). It's not easy I know...nobody really said so. It's all uphill but a struggle that separates the happy life worth living from a meaningless existence. Thanks and good to meet you here!

By: phildavi (135 month(s) ago)

Gems of Wisdom!

By: Noble (135 month(s) ago)

Thanks for Sharing ... The PPT is added to NOBLE Channel .. TSB

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