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By: hmdcamran (71 month(s) ago)

Very good for explanation of Radioactivity. .Kindly mail the PPT on

By: tefne (89 month(s) ago)

it's so heplfull and succesfull may i download it ?

By: noor_ksa (99 month(s) ago)

good info

By: jfrymanreed (102 month(s) ago)

please--- send this great pwrpoint to me at This is an excellent pwrpoint.

By: sauravparmar (103 month(s) ago)

hey frd can u give me this ppt on my account plz i am very thankful to u plz

By: trupt (104 month(s) ago)

nice ppt

By: maheros (106 month(s) ago)


By: a7mado (106 month(s) ago)

i wanna get a copy of this plz suzan

By: janemunro (106 month(s) ago)

Hi Susan, I really like the powerpoint. It covers a great deal of the topic well. I would love a copy of it for teaching it in a couple of weeks. Thanks.

By: libby1 (107 month(s) ago)

Love the presentation. Nice animations. May I have permission to download please? Thankyou

By: blastinov (110 month(s) ago)

Hi Susan, what a very good work, it would be better if you share your talent...kindly allow me to download your presentation...thanks. God bless.

By: letmesee (116 month(s) ago)

hey.. susan ... nice work .. how can i get a copy of this..? thanks

By: katieclly (118 month(s) ago)

Hi, Could I please get a copy of this excellent ppt ? Thanks!

By: anakpinksangubrax (122 month(s) ago)

can i have a copy of this presentation? its very good and helpin

By: dataofdata (127 month(s) ago)

hi can i please have a copy for my students? dflores @ fsu . edu

By: cottongirl (127 month(s) ago)

Hi susan, I am revewing my students for the Georgia High School Graduation test and I really like your power point on radioactivity and half-life. Would you please send me copy or allow me to down load it to my computer. thanks, Fay Flanders

By: meher (128 month(s) ago)

Hi susan Can i have this powerpoint 'nuclear model of atom" after1 day as i need too teach this topic. I hope it is possible for you to send

By: b.woodcock (128 month(s) ago)

Hi Susann, excellent presentation, which the students really enjoyed. Is there any chance that you could send me a copy of it, as some of our classrooms don't have internet access yet. many thanks b.woodcock.

By: z.ko (128 month(s) ago)

Hi, Susann. Please, can you send me your presentation: the nuclear model of atom? Thank you very much, Zdena (

By: carlarm (129 month(s) ago)

Hi, Susann. Could I get a copy of your lecture "the nuclear model of atom. ppt"? If so, please, send me to Thank you in advance. Carla.

By: hussainfhs (130 month(s) ago)

Please please sendm Thanks

By: chemgeep (131 month(s) ago)

Susann, May I have a copy of your ppt presentation, please? My school has asked that we no longer use live streaming and save videos and presentations to our c drive. You have done an excellent job with this one. Thank you in advance, Chemgeep

By: nneil (132 month(s) ago)

hi susann could I get a copy of "the nuclear model of atom" powerpoint.

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