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By: amitkumbhar (89 month(s) ago)

Nice Presentation.. please allow to download..or can u email me

By: shgujuhfgjg (105 month(s) ago)


By: kariweb (108 month(s) ago)

Please allow to download. Six Sigma Presentation

By: kbakkiyaraj (108 month(s) ago)

Please allow to download. Nice Presentation

By: freelancer2821 (108 month(s) ago)

Dear sir requesting a copy of your presentation. please email me at

By: pankaj.sp29 (108 month(s) ago)

Hello Author!!!! I would like a copy of your Six Sigma slides for my MBA study

By: tapan_bagchi (109 month(s) ago)

Hello Author! I would like a copy of your Six Sigma slides. These would be excellent for my B Tech class! Thank you, Professor Bagchi IIT Kharagpur

By: superstarprit (109 month(s) ago)

Perfect example of KISS (Keep It Short n Simple)!! Kudos to the creator!!! :)

By: saravanan160185 (110 month(s) ago)

pl send this copy to me............

By: m7mdwcp (113 month(s) ago)

i am really interesting in this presentation can you please send it to me at my mail

By: vaibhavpranav (114 month(s) ago)

hey can u plz send a copy of this ppt to at the earliest....!waiting for ur positive response...!

By: gauravsood_91 (115 month(s) ago)

can u please send it to me .. i really like !! email

By: nithish1189 (115 month(s) ago)

wil u send dis ppt to my mail id

By: yubrikey (115 month(s) ago)

HI, I'm really have interesting in your presentation, could you seend me a copy, pleas mi Email is

By: paritalaharibabu (116 month(s) ago)

Hai, Really it is most useful, Requesting you to forward a copy to my mail id

By: deyaa1000000 (116 month(s) ago)


By: jotinder (117 month(s) ago) Thx a million.

By: bavanari (117 month(s) ago)

very useful presentation... pls mail me a copy to

By: mostafa868 (120 month(s) ago) Thank you so much

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