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By: shireenfathima (112 month(s) ago)


By: Rahgozar (115 month(s) ago)

That's great...i enjoyed it a lot..i wish i could download it..

By: merlynclt (117 month(s) ago)

I really want this. it is so good and something i really want. Can I have it.? Merlyn

By: Rontastic37 (117 month(s) ago)

I am so sorry but I haven't been able to email this to everyone. I have tried several times. You all have my persmission to download it if you want. I'm not sure why I can't get it to go over via email. Thank you all for the comments.

By: myday (118 month(s) ago)

its a wonderful work

By: cjangoco (118 month(s) ago)

Hi there - Could you please forward presentation to I would love to have a copy. Thank you.

By: cjangoco (118 month(s) ago)

Wonderful PPT... Could I please get a copy of the presentation. Thank you!

By: seitz95 (118 month(s) ago)

Beautiful work! Would love to use your presentation in conjunction with our Nonfiction Unit. May I download it?

By: lars1969 (118 month(s) ago)

Hi there - This is a beautiful presentation! I would love to download it an use parts of it!

By: stas_flex (119 month(s) ago)

Hi! I am from Ukraine & I'd like to make a Presentation about Dr. MArtin Luther King Jr. at the leadership school I'm participating in. Could you please send it to as soon as you can? P.S.: you can read about the school at

By: scarlet1990 (124 month(s) ago)

Please help, I would like to download the pps

By: mohamedhamdy1972 (125 month(s) ago)

very nice indeed

By: kapschaudhari (129 month(s) ago)

good ppt send me on

By: dezumrani (129 month(s) ago)

in this present world of faithlessness,thanklessness, and awe, i video like this is most required to put the world together back to faith hope and peace.

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