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By: najemmaha (85 month(s) ago)

please i need this ppt

By: navdhaliwal (98 month(s) ago)

send me this ppt

By: maksat (98 month(s) ago)

Send me one

By: sumanthg8mailcom (99 month(s) ago)

send me ppt

By: sumanthg8mailcom (99 month(s) ago)

good for me ppt

By: maximgena (99 month(s) ago)

Dear Sir/Madam, Please could you send me the presentation to my email address which is If its possible other presentations about M&A. Best regards, Maxim

By: prern (101 month(s) ago)


By: vilash (104 month(s) ago)

hey plz mail this to

By: vilash (104 month(s) ago)

hey plz mail this to

By: raja.raja (105 month(s) ago)

good informatrion

By: raja.raja (105 month(s) ago)

gcan ne1 please tel how do i download it.

By: dheerajsingla007 (105 month(s) ago)

can ne1 please tel how do i download it...

By: ibrahim_dalal (105 month(s) ago)

can u please send me this ppt on

By: raza106 (105 month(s) ago)

i like this pppt presentation kindly send me at

By: redboy20xx (105 month(s) ago)

I like this powerpoint presentation

By: simplyglad (105 month(s) ago)

hi... can you send me this powerpoint presentation at this email thank you.

By: sjaiin (106 month(s) ago)

please send the PPT at

By: akramhey (107 month(s) ago)

i want this presentation

By: jitendravyas (107 month(s) ago)

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By: nishivrm3 (107 month(s) ago)

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By: nishuc2002 (107 month(s) ago)

Hi...can you please email the presentation on

By: manishtalreja17 (107 month(s) ago)

can you please mail this presentation at

By: arshiajabeen (108 month(s) ago)

pllzzzzzzzzzzz let me download the ppt

By: arshiajabeen (108 month(s) ago)

your ppt is qute informative, plz allow me to down load the ppt

By: rajudna34 (108 month(s) ago)

plz send it to

By: wrathwizard666 (109 month(s) ago)

its a good ppt can you please mail it across to

By: mallinath123 (109 month(s) ago)

hey ur presentation on mergers & acquisition very simple understandable to every one........ plz send me your presentation on mergers & acquisition....... plz m waiting for ur reply....... my e-mail id is its my request to u...dont ignore dat m a stranger for you.

By: xmblzmx (109 month(s) ago)

could you send it to me ?

By: xmblzmx (109 month(s) ago)


By: greatkhan1992 (110 month(s) ago)

good presentation send me this on

By: gsinghal (110 month(s) ago)

it is a one of the best ppt , .would you plz send it to me on

By: prafulsimle (110 month(s) ago)

it is a one of the best ppt i have everseen .would you plz send it to me on u.......

By: pracheeti (111 month(s) ago)

very wud be really helpful if u send me this..please send me dis on

By: sathishraju (111 month(s) ago)

very nice ppt plz send me this ppt to e mail id.

By: priyashreerai (111 month(s) ago)

Hey its a great ppt...could you please send it to me??? my email is

By: Skan15 (111 month(s) ago)

Hello, Great job!! Is it possible to have the ppt file. My e-mail is Thank you Nabil

By: varungupta.2001 (111 month(s) ago)

please send me this ppt on very urgent..please mail me this

By: czj2006 (112 month(s) ago)

Thanks so much

By: DRSANKUMAR (112 month(s) ago)

It's a nice presentation. kindly send me a copy. thanks email - &

By: ritesh291186 (112 month(s) ago)

pleas send me

By: lokesh.motwani (112 month(s) ago)

Hi Simith, Wonderful job, especially with the examples of acquisitions. Can u pls email me a copy at

By: mahankal (113 month(s) ago)

its very nice ppt can you send this ppt to my mail id

By: ashok_de11 (113 month(s) ago)

Hi Can u please email me this presentation at

By: vaibhavmore1980 (113 month(s) ago)

Dear Smith, the ppt is wonderful, kindly mail it to me at

By: kan29 (113 month(s) ago)

HI Smith, it is a wonderful ppt , i would be appreciable if you could send me t his ppt on my id , as i want to teach this to my students. Thanks and keep uploading

By: bhakti6625 (113 month(s) ago)

hey can u send me this ppt........ i wanted to use some part of it...... plz mail me on

By: rajesh.kaunder (115 month(s) ago)

hi, dese ppt prefer to be excellent, So plz mail me dese to

By: jyotidahiya (115 month(s) ago)

hiii its really a good one

By: shivi14 (116 month(s) ago)

pls snd me dis ppt on its rlly wat i want 2 get i nid it plssss try to snd hurry pls rply m wtng

By: popokasi (116 month(s) ago)

hi smith. your PPT is really what i need. i would like to copy it for my presentation. i will very appreciate if you mail me at thank U.

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