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By: emdi78 (99 month(s) ago)

Nice! Could you send it to me, please?

By: grancani13 (101 month(s) ago)

very nice presentation thanks

By: ccrmjones (102 month(s) ago)

Could I have it please?

By: ARLEQUIN1967 (103 month(s) ago)


By: ARLEQUIN1967 (103 month(s) ago)

is is a great presentation

By: mnmartinez1 (105 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation

By: cc987654 (106 month(s) ago)

so good

By: bwhiteley (108 month(s) ago)

Hi! Last week, or so, I requested a copy of your powerpoint and it was rec'd immediately. Thanks, again! Would you mind sending it to me once more-- this time to my school email? Thanks. I had trouble saving from my mac and then viewing at school via a pc. My email:

By: sangaree (108 month(s) ago)

I like this powerpoint very much. Would you please send to me at Thanks!

By: elsawi (116 month(s) ago)

can i download this fantastic prsentation

By: maisie (133 month(s) ago)


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