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By: rahulnakra (108 month(s) ago)

very nice presentation can i download it thanks dr rahul

By: titanicman785 (111 month(s) ago)

very thankful to u.can i have ur ppt.thanks kiran.

By: mohamadobedat (113 month(s) ago)

Thank you very much for a nice PPT on swineflu. If you can send me a copy of the same to my email address, I will remain grateful to you. I have been associated with teaching and training viral diseases. With thanks

By: rrmtexas (116 month(s) ago)

can i copy ur ppt in Ah1n1 for my public lecture? this is my email add: Please help thanks.

By: sairidhi (117 month(s) ago)

Very good presentation. please could you allow me to down load tour presentation. Thanks roshini

By: rizwan_karim (117 month(s) ago)

i will be very thankful to you if you be kind enough to send me a copy of your informative presentation. As i am an epidemiology lecturer , it will give me a chance to make easy understanding of my wishes with thanks

By: pankajpandey28jan198 (118 month(s) ago)


By: heno (119 month(s) ago)

thanks 4 this presentation, kindly allow me to download

By: bidhusamanta (119 month(s) ago)

nice presentation, really updated, kindly allow me to download

By: kool_4747 (120 month(s) ago)

i can not download

By: sethuvinoth (121 month(s) ago)

nice presentation

By: vedaant7   (121 month(s) ago)


By: mohammadalistella (121 month(s) ago)

Download as PPT

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