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By: kalpana836 (105 month(s) ago)

plz mail me this ppt. its very nice.. my id is

By: mamatha.ellanti (105 month(s) ago)

hello ankush, Its really good and useful , kindly can u e-mail

By: nishant812 (113 month(s) ago)

Hi Ankush. Ur presenation is indeed very short and sweet. However, in a small meeting... I need to make the presentation on the same topic. If u don't mind can u e-mail it to me Incase u are not in good position to mail me...then can u just e-mail me the background picture only...

By: faizabatool (115 month(s) ago)

kidly mail me this prdntn!! thnkxxxx

By: faizabatool (115 month(s) ago)


By: DaisyRoseYdia (115 month(s) ago)

Kindly please send me this Ppt presentation. I badly need it.. Thanks.

By: kuldeep1001 (116 month(s) ago)

plzzzzzz mail dis to me...

By: MEHNDIRATTAA (116 month(s) ago)

plz send this ppt to me.I really need it. Email :

By: rajshravanthi (119 month(s) ago)

ur presentation is really impressive n very clear, can i plz hav a copy of this presentation. this is my mail id

By: ankush85   (119 month(s) ago)

Hello, ppts are uploaded here on aS for knowlegde only. Sorry, No downloads are available :)

By: zjenifer (119 month(s) ago)

Good Day! can i have a copy of this presentation thanks.

By: harimas (120 month(s) ago)

i want download

By: kupacen (120 month(s) ago)

i want to download this slide

By: drramadan (122 month(s) ago)

can i download this ,please asap

By: bondee (122 month(s) ago)

i need to download this quick ..thank u

By: bondee (122 month(s) ago)

good presentation

By: vijaymahantesh (122 month(s) ago)

please allow me to download this ppt

By: rahulverma7 (123 month(s) ago)

pls allow me to download the ppt

By: balaji.bc (123 month(s) ago)

how to download this one

By: sayalibhopate (123 month(s) ago)

how to download this power point presentation

By: sharmashreshtha (123 month(s) ago)


By: najo (123 month(s) ago)

i want this presentation??? how can i get this ppt slides??

By: Zeeshan. (124 month(s) ago)

i want to download this file pls help me

By: indstep (124 month(s) ago)

very simple me to download this file

By: summy1 (124 month(s) ago)

how to dowload

By: summy1 (124 month(s) ago)

good ppt

By: aziz_hussain (124 month(s) ago)

pls let me download this

By: GANZZ (126 month(s) ago)

i would like to down load this presentation. please give me the right.

By: wereing (126 month(s) ago)

hey ur ppt is reaalii good i need it how can u give me?reply me

By: jkcatipay (127 month(s) ago)

hi, can you share your power point presentation? i would really appreciate if you will send me a copy through my email address

By: Aija (127 month(s) ago)

plzzz send me this ppt! I really need it ! Will be very grateful for you!! Thank you in advance my email adress:

By: rohit.80a (127 month(s) ago)

plz send me this ppt..............

By: suleman09 (127 month(s) ago)

please i need this slid my email z

By: msnov (128 month(s) ago)

Hi Sir! Good day! This is my topic to be reported in my MBA class and I will be very thankful if you could email this. Please share. Thank you so much. This is my email address:

By: nitinbansal18 (128 month(s) ago)

It is too good Please send it to my email id:

By: group2 (130 month(s) ago)

dear sir, i m dung mba so this ppt is very useful for me so it would b gr8 if u mail it at

By: Anamkhan023 (131 month(s) ago)

i want dis ppt...

By: arunkvsubra (132 month(s) ago)

Dear Sir, Can you pl share the ppt for academic discussion purpose. My email id is Dr AR Subramanian

By: loayviva (132 month(s) ago)

i wanna download this plzzzzzzzzzzzz

By: tejaspatel86 (135 month(s) ago)

dear sir, i am doing mba so this ppt is very useful for my study.

By: rangeljoanna (137 month(s) ago)

i want to download this can you give me this copy??

By: sureshshynee (138 month(s) ago)

i want to download this ppt

By: goyal_samridhi (139 month(s) ago)

i want to download this ppt

By: kratika   (136 month(s) ago)

i need this ppt can u give me please

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