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By: hemal512 (92 month(s) ago)

The Story of Pencil Parable is very interesting....kindly mail me the same. Thanks/Hemal Patel

By: 3240 (93 month(s) ago)

very nice ppt, pls send ppt of lets go green to me at, warm regards/ s barik/ 9937232858

By: rakeshreddy92 (95 month(s) ago)

plz send this ppt to following id sir

By: nguyenthoaa (108 month(s) ago)

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By: vinodvjnp (109 month(s) ago)

informative presentation. Pls send to

By: er.chetanarora (111 month(s) ago)

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By: jovialjoe (121 month(s) ago)

I am impressed by your presentation. I will be grateful to you if you can send a copy of it in this Id. Wishing you all best in all your endavours

By: ayushpajith (121 month(s) ago)

hi....canu pls send me this ppt at

By: politejith (122 month(s) ago)

hai... nice ppt

By: sumit.gunjan (122 month(s) ago)

very-very nice ppt on recession I will be very thankfull to you if u send it to my e-mail id i.e

By: abhi_inv (122 month(s) ago)

Hey it is a wonderful effort!!! Could u please send the ppt on my email id

By: rprabu1984 (123 month(s) ago)

I am impressed by your presentation, please send the PPT copy to my mail ID

By: chinmyika (124 month(s) ago)

my id is ur presentation is very nice i would be glad if u send me this ppt to my id as soon as possible thanx

By: santanu   (124 month(s) ago)

Thanks for the note. I would share the PPT with you.

By: manukumar2009 (125 month(s) ago)

my e mail id: u can provide to me this ppt as i needed it. thankx a lots.

By: Jayshj (126 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation! Incidentally there is an interesting website that is specifically dedicated to recession victims.It offers help and discusses all issues related to recession- It’s worth a visit!

By: santanu   (126 month(s) ago)

Thanks for the encoraging comments. Unfortunatelly i am unable to open the website provided by you. I am more interested in Market research and the current trends. So do share if you have any updates. Thanks, Santanu

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