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By: quinton1098 (109 month(s) ago)

please send me these slides to

By: (110 month(s) ago)


By: fawadiqbal (116 month(s) ago)


By: Bhavika7 (116 month(s) ago)

nice1... send it to thnx

By: rahims (117 month(s) ago)

excellent presentation, pl. send me the PPT file Regards/Shrikant

By: Dulikrish2011 (119 month(s) ago)

Hi Supply Chain Friends I,m 39yrs but still a student and I just start my MBA in Logistics & SC Mgt.For sure you may have a better knowldge than me. I too like to gather that knowledge and please send e mails to

By: Rotgumbo (119 month(s) ago)

Kindly send me this PPT at am the senior Logistician for INGO and would like to share this with my team.

By: SNG1704 (119 month(s) ago)

Excellent presentation, pl. send me the PPT file Regards/Shrikant

By: entrepreneur70 (120 month(s) ago)

plz send me this presentation . i m MBA marketing student.

By: shenoyp (121 month(s) ago)

please send me a copy of this PPT at as I am going to pursue MBA in Supply Chain Management

By: pushkin.rock (123 month(s) ago)

I m Pushkin Mehta Pls Send me one copy .i need this beco'z i m M.BA Student

By: KOMMALAPATI (123 month(s) ago)

hi. I'm Gopi Kommalapati. i like to get these ppt. Plese give me the details how to get it, My mail id is

By: ma7ro (125 month(s) ago)

please send this amazing one to my e mail:

By: deepak2466 (132 month(s) ago)

its shows the practical ting totally future also upload this type of ppt on diffrent topic....

By: rahul88 (132 month(s) ago)

well explained for a layman to understand what is supply chain and how it works and benefits organizations!

By: ashalld (133 month(s) ago)

I want to download this ppt.It is a real,practical ppt.Very gud. Pl suggest how can i download this ppt.

By: sleepyappu (133 month(s) ago)

its really nice i want to download it. kindly allow me

By: vaibhao_31 (134 month(s) ago)

a very good presentation. would like to down load the presentation, pl allow me or send me one soft copy

By: charms_herms (135 month(s) ago)

please send me a copy for this presentation. it is a good one..

By: cbatra (136 month(s) ago)

hi, fantastic presentation, kindly allow to download thanks

By: twinarun (136 month(s) ago)

A very good presentation indeed. Would like to download it. Request you to allow to do so.

By: Wajih   (136 month(s) ago)

Yes I am fine with it. thx

By: kshivaji (137 month(s) ago)


By: lovelishgoyal (138 month(s) ago)

Please allow me to download this presentatation.

By: hussam01 (138 month(s) ago)

hi marwan zamkah it is good presenation

By: cindyjane (139 month(s) ago)

i would like to download this presentation please,

By: capkodak (140 month(s) ago)

I would like to download this presentation. Please suggest any possible ways to do that. thanks

By: mauricio.flores (140 month(s) ago)

I wish to download this Presentation also... It's very intere

By: msn_shah (140 month(s) ago)

I wish to download this Presentation... :-'(

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