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By: melissa23 (156 month(s) ago)

Great powerpoint love the animations and layout :)

By: jessi95 (156 month(s) ago)

heyyyy ! good use of animation :)

By: clairej2 (156 month(s) ago)

i liked the colour scheme and the animation (:

By: Yasmina (156 month(s) ago)

ummmm i like the expirences and animation.

By: Chelsea1 (156 month(s) ago)

Nice Powerpoint Katie, Great use of animation :)

By: hamblegrace (156 month(s) ago)

good powerpoint; i like how everything comes onto the screen. x

By: damon1064 (156 month(s) ago)

good use of colour

By: hamblefoulkes (156 month(s) ago)

i like it it is simple but its good that way nice and easy to use :) i like the colours you have picked :)

By: hambledavis (156 month(s) ago)

good powerpoint like the smileys needed a bit more information

By: becky06 (156 month(s) ago)

nice powerpoin(pictures) but need to add abit more to it. can you send me a coment (:

By: halluml95 (156 month(s) ago)

love ur male and female sign's lol told u should hav the smileys evey1 commented on them any good presentation :)

By: danie14 (156 month(s) ago)

this is good but to plaine its all basicaly one or two colours, a bit more ditial it would look better. and its too confuseing, abit boring, good work though

By: masterwilson (156 month(s) ago)

thx for the comment gd use of animation and colour

By: Jeliiasha (156 month(s) ago)

Its amazing! x this is jadee btw

By: Helen. (156 month(s) ago)

Its relly good, i like the smileys(:

By: jamesfeltham (156 month(s) ago)

really good colours and good pics

By: sarahhill (156 month(s) ago)

i like the colour scheme, and the layout of the backgroudn with the circles. also i like the smileys.

By: billy06 (156 month(s) ago)

it is confusing and there is not much colour

By: callumcrane (156 month(s) ago)

the colours are good and the smilys are awsome

By: mehline06 (156 month(s) ago)

good i like the colours and the smiley faces

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