" We are not human beings under going a temporary spiritual phase BUT we are spiritual beings undergoing a temporary human phase" We as human beings are the ultimate creation of GOD and we have tremendous power within ourselves to do anything that we want to do. Only we are not aware of it. We humans are part of that spiritual whole and hence it is within our limits to do anything that we want to. Managing Time, Stress, Anger, thoughts all can be done without help from any institution as they can only tell you the process, BUT it is us and the power within us through which we can conquer and move ahead. The presentations in this Channels will help each and every individual to rise above all the human negativity and have a positive outlook towards everything.

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By: RaghavendraRK  - 101 month(s) ago

PPT on Time management is great,I will be thankful to you if you can mail it to my personal id,pls reply

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