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Training Newsletter Asia Pacific - Oct 2011 p.1 1 Photos sharing - Regional Visit in HK (Top selling SAs from Korea) 培訓 照片分享 – 韩國銷售精英香港之旅 Sharing sessions on Competitor’s Mystery Shopping Observations 分享神秘探訪競爭品牌所觀察的結果 Training session at Ritz Carlton Hotel 在香港麗思卡爾頓酒店進行客戶服務培訓 Lunch gathering with hk Office Team 與 Chaumet 後勤同事團隊聚餐 Visiting LVMH Watch & Jewelry Repair Ctr 參觀香港的維修中心

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p.2 2 Know your Chaumet team – Vivian Tan, Regional Retail Director 認識你的尚美團隊 – Vivian Tan, 零售總監 Service Year 服務年期 3 months 3 個月 Interest / Favorites … 個人興趣 / 最愛 Hobbies: golf, interior design, reading and skateboarding with my older son 娛樂 : 高爾夫球 , 室內設計 , 閱讀 , 與大兒子玩滑板 Food: Sichuan cuisine and of course local Singaporean goodies, the spicier the better 食物 : 四川 , 星馬菜 , 越辣越好 Favorite people: my 2 boys 最喜愛人物 : 我的 2 個兒子 My Chaumet ‘Emotion’ 我的尚美情源 I’ve learned to appreciate the beauty and elegance of Chaumet and am very excited about growing with the brand during this interesting phase of our expansion 我學會欣賞尚美的美麗和高貴 , 而且很期盼與擴展中的尚美品牌一起成長 Tips of Success 成功關鍵 Hmmm I’m very new to the company so I’m not sure if I should use the word ‘success’ as yet! But I think being able to lead by example and having a high level of patience and empathy have served me quite well when dealing with people from all walks of life. 因為剛加入尚美 , 所以未見得用上 ” 成功 ” 這字 ! 不過 , 我覺得以身作則 , 有耐心及懂得體諒別人等等都能令我很好地過渡人生每一階段 .

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p.3 3 Chaumet Best Practice Sharing 尚美優異個案分享 Taiwan boutique – A very special birthday card 台灣分店 – 一張很特別的生日卡 One of the customer has not visit our boutique for a long time, our SA remember that this customer talks a lot about her cutie dog during last time’s small talk with her, so the SA decided to write a very special birthday card to this customer’s little dog and the customer visit the boutique with thanks to SA’s care about her beloved dog and make transaction successfully! 曾經有一位客人很久沒探訪分店 , 銷售員想起上一次跟客人閒談時不斷有提到她的可愛小狗 , 於是銷售員馬上構思寫一張生日卡給客人的小狗 . 最後客人到分店答謝銷售員對她小狗的一番心意並且成功達成銷售 ! We welcome you to provide us your best practice in serving Chaumet customers and the most remarkable one would appear in our monthly Newsletter with a fine gift! 歡迎大家提供你在招待尚美顧客時的優異個案 , 最精彩的個案將會刊登在每月 ” 培訓消息 ” 一欄並同時獲得精美獎品一份 ! Coming News 最新動向 Boutique Security Training – 3 Nov 2011 Selling More and More Training (HK and Singapore) – Dec 2011 4 The SA is able to observed and think out of the box and make use of the special B irthday card to maintain an extraordinary bonding with the customer and make sales ! 銷售員能夠透過觀察和創意 , 利用特別的生日卡與客人建立與眾不同的關係並且成功 銷售 !

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