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7 Amazing Ways to Fashion With Your Israeli Rings Silver If you’re a fashionista you surely have some silver jewelry in the jewelry box. The versatility and timelessness of silver jewelry make it a must- have accessory for all attention-seekers. Whether you prefer to wear big statement pieces or just want to swag with your little adornments silver can make you look stylish while adding elegance.

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Among other silver jewelry people who love bold looks shop for Israeli rings silver. If you’re one of them and are looking for some interesting styling tips for the same we’re here to help you. Check out the blog. 1. Complement Your Ring with Patterns: Silver rings are the best for coupling with patterns. If you’ve selected a complex pattern pair it with a simple-designed jewelry. Match your statement outfit with a classic silver ring to get admired without being gaudy. 2. Shop for Silver Jewelry: Undoubtedly sterling silver rings go with almost all outfits. However you can enhance your overall appeal by complementing those rings with a silver necklace or earrings. 3. Mix Your Pieces: Have you combined your dress up with silver and gold jewelry If not give it a try. It will add to your uniqueness. With the hike in prices of gold it’s the peak time to flare up your style statement with this mix up attitude. Stack gold and silver ring in your middle finger to awe others with some irony. 4. Wear Leather: Love to wear leather Tan leather is an outstanding way to spike up the appeal of your silver rings. Create a contrast with leather cuffs. Make your style pop with leather bags and jackets. 5. Focus on Your Nails: When you’re wearing attention- drawing Israeli silver rings eyes will automatically go to your hands. So make sure your cuticles and nails are groomed. Increase the glitter of your ring by giving it a backdrop of French manicured nails. Apply dark nail colors like wine deep red or disco green colors to back up your silver knuckle rings. But never overdo with

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your colors. However you can create statement pairs by applying grey black and white color nail polishes. 6. Choose the Right Bag: What are you going to carry in your hands Take enough time to pick the right handbag. If it’s for an evening party choose the style and color of your clutch carefully. Avoid carrying a glittered yellow clutch as it will make your overall look with silver rings little bit loud. Why not consider a leather bag or clutch to add to your persona. 7. Dress in Block Colors: Dresses of block colors can create a contrasting background for your silver rings. For a classic look try with black grey and white colored outfits. If heavy-weighted rings are all you crave for then befriend with block shades. It will make the silver rings shine more. Concluding Thoughts Never let the fashion rules keep you away from experimenting. It’s only you who can choose what’s looking well on you. Trust your mirrors. Whatever you’re wearing just feel confident and comfortable in it to establish your own style statement. To read more articles visit:

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