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At ZVU Artisan Jewelry, you can choose from exclusive and stunning collection of jewelry made in Israel. The imported jewelries are made by experienced and skill Israeli designers using metals like, gold, silver, and alloys. A wide variety of semi-precious stones are used in the jewelry, to give an aesthetic feel of ethnic ornaments. Check out our new arrivals and buy the handmade artisan jewelries.


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What Makes Jewelry Made in Israel So Unique You can learn so much about a country’s culture traditions and fashion with its jewelry designs. No matter what country you visit you will get to see jewelry designs unique to the country’s culture and past. Israel jewelry too has this unique character that sets it apart from the rest of the designs. Why buy a jewelry made in Israel There are many adorable reasons to buy them. If you are a fan of unique jewelry designs and want to show off your style then Israeli jewelry is one way to go.

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Here are some of the things that make jewelry made in Israel so unique: 1. Artisan Jewelry One of the best things about jewelry made in Israel is that they are created by skilled artisans. The handmade jewelries have these unique characteristics which is the machine made pieces doesn’t have. They are carefully handcrafted and slight unevenness becomes the part of the piece. If you are a big fan of handmade jewelries the Israeli made pieces are one of the best options. You can go to an online Israeli jewelry store and buy them at best prices. 2. Unique Handcrafted Jewelries Another thing you will notice about the jewelries made in Israel is that they are quite unique in their designs and essence as well. Each piece has eye-catching and unique patterns and designs. For any jewelry lover and enthusiast the Israeli jewelry offers a great selection. If you are fashionista and looking for something that will make you stand out then handmade jewelry from Israel has everything you need. 3. Combination of Different metals and Materials Silver sterling ring with a gold plated flower in the middle or multiple layer rings in sterling silver and gold these make for a unique jewelry style. This is just an example of how different metals and materials are combined to create beautiful pieces. This is one of the best features of Israeli Jewelry. You will get to see jewelry in different materials like Gold silver sterling beads crystal and semi precious stones. Using multiple materials to create a piece makes the jewelry so unique in designs and styles. The two- tone jewelry is another kind of jewelries made in Israel using different kind of materials. The sheer contrast in the design makes the pieces so attractive to look at. The pieces are eye-catching and so unique to look. Wearing the jewelries made in Israel will definitely help you make an instant style statement no matter where you go.

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4. Middle-Eastern Jewelry Designs Israeli jewelries represent the middle-eastern culture. You can see and feel it in the designs and patterns. Israeli jewelries combine the middle-eastern and European ethnicity in such a beautiful way you will probably not find other designs anywhere else. The contemporary style jewelries use the stones in oval and round shapes to create designs that are unique in their own way. You have plenty of unique designs to choose from. If you are a jewelry collector choose jewelries made in Israel and you will create very interesting and unique collection to go with numerous occasions. 5. Famous Israeli jewelry designers Owning a design from the famous Israeli jewelry designers is such an interesting addition to your jewelry collection. Some of the well known designers are Maya Geller Shirly Itzik Keren Wolf and Shelly Dahari. The designs are really unique and uses materials like gold sterling silver and semi precious stones that standout easily. If you are looking for ways to create a unique look for jewelry made in Israel. The Bottom-Line There are so many reasons to own a jewelry made in Israel. They are unique eye- catching and combine the Middle-Eastern and European styles to create unique pieces. Add to our collection and create your own unique style. To read more articles visit:

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