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At ZVU, we offer artisan handcrafted rings made in Israeli. You will love the blend of ethnic Israeli designs with European style. All our rings are designed by experienced Israeli designers, using wide variety of semi-precious stones. Every ring design is inspired by history, architecture, culture or nature and made with high quality metals and stones. Please check our online store today and order the item.


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Want Sophistication Buy Israeli Jewellery Jewellery has marked a constant presence in society and has evolved. Jewel has been an essential element since ancient times and has been in use for different purposes- religious purposes for social relations as well as for aesthetics. Jewellery has played an essential role in both the lives of men and women alike. Jewellery has had a prominent economic stratum- from slaves to the commoners to the royalties. Jewellery plays an essential role between social needs and self-esteem needs according to the ranks set by Maslows Hierarchy of Needs. Israeli jewellery has emphasised and actualised primarily on the current social standing and economic powers held by different pieces of jewellery needed for self- actualisation. Israeli jewellery can be categorised into several sections. The article covers some of the major sections.

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The hand is counted among one of the most used and most visible parts of the body. The hooks can be ornated the best. Hand jewellery makes a mark or states who you are. Hand jewellery has a lot of options when it comes to buying Israeli jewellery. Be it the wrist or the fingers or the arms hand jewellery has a lot of options to choose from. Israeli bracelets are known across the globe for their engrossings. It helps emphasise your skin tone. For girls Bracelets from Israel help them create a beautiful feminine picture. Isreali bracelets have numerous varieties. The Israeli Charm bracelets are considered to keep away the evil and bad luck. They have engrossed words that act as charms for the wearer. The fingers are again one of the most beautiful parts of the hand. Fingers are known for their visualisation of commitments. Considering the marriage rings made in Israel that is placed on the left fourth finger has a special significance. The marriage ring made in Israel anatomically speaking is connected to the vein that runs closest to the heart. There are a variety of rings made in Israel. The purity rings classic sterling rings Hebrew name rings the Kabbalah rings and the engagement rings made in Israel are purchased by people from across the globe. One of the most famous rings made in Israel is the jewelled golden Hoshen. Apart from the rings made in Israel the country is also known for its beautiful neck jewellery. Neck jewellery mostly emphasises the beauty of the neck. Neck jewellery from Israel adds an extra appeal to a girls first low-cut outfit. Most Israeli neck pieces have a chain and a single pendant attached to it. Some of the heavy work jewellery pieces from Israel have large beads or gemstones connected. Designs of chains have significantly evolved. One can now find strings with several pendants placed on them with even spaces. The Chai pendants from Israel are known for their uniqueness across the globe. For a more considerable charm Israel has Mezuzah and Sterling pendants with bigger sizes of gemstones. Most of the pendants consist the Star of David and the Hebrew letters. The next best ornament in the sequence are the earrings. The earrings show the best when wearing a tied hairdo. Israeli earrings add an enchanting aura to the overall beauty and appearance of the ladies. Earrings made in Israel have dangling designs simple designs locked designs and ones that have a single jewel but do not go beyond the lobes length.

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Israeli jewellery pieces have a lot of available designs like the Kabbalah or Ahava. The rings made in Israel are in demand all year round and by people all around the world. Visit our online to find the best designs of Israeli necklaces bracelets earrings and rings made in Israel. To read more articles visit: https://www.zvuartisanjewelry.com/

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