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Zurich Cash Investment Plan


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ZURICH CASH LIMITED www.zurichcash.com

About Us:

About Us Our organization is a member of the worldwide currencies industry since 2012. We have already recognized in an expert group as an efficient associate that always minds its objective and high concepts . Our main concern is to provide the remarkable quality and service to achieve the best economical results for our clients. Our group includes are expert on the globe as well professionals in the stock exchange dealing, product marketplaces and Forex industry. Every investor of Kingdom Finance Group works only using those systems where he gets the highest possible profit. Thus, every investor satisfies his responsibilities for the company and you, our investors and associates . We have designed five unique financial commitment programs for you. Each of them is designed with the smallest industry threat which is possible and organized amount of foreign financial commitment opportunities . Without any doubt, you can trust your income and benefits our Company, and we assurance that your financial situation will stay properly secured and will be growing for long periods. We would like to share with you some tricks of economic management, which we use for dealing under the brand name of our economical group. Our dealing techniques . Our organization was recognized in Switzerland on January, 28, 2012 with the name of Zurich Cash Limited .

4 Type of Bonus:

4 Type of Bonus All bonuses can be withdraw to PM or Bank anytime. All withdrawal will be process in 1-5 business days. 1. Daily Profit Distribution Based on Package 2. Introducer Bonus – 10% for every direct referral 3. Group Incentives Bonus Up To USD10,000 daily 4. Leadership Bonus up to 10 level – 100%

Investment Package:

Investment Package PACKAGE USD R0I DAYS RETURN 1 Unit 100 5% 30 $150 10 Units 1,000 5% 30 $1,500 50 Units 5,000 5% 30 $7,500 100 Units 10,000 5% 30 $15,000 500 Units 50,000 5% 30 $75,000

Direct Referral Bonus:

Direct Referral Bonus PACKAGE PERCENTAGE 1 Unit 10% 10 Units 50 Units 100 Units 500 Units

Daily Pairing Bonus:

Daily Pairing Bonus PACKAGE PAIRING MAX Daily 1 Unit 10% $100 10 Units $1,000 50 Units $5,000 100 Units $10,000 500 Units $50,000 Count on a daily basis every day and closes at 11.59pm Small Area will 'flush' Daily, Big area will be brought forward.

Matching Bonus:

Matching Bonus PACKAGE MATCHING LEVEL 1 Unit 10% 10 10 Units 10 50 Units 10 100 Units 10 500 Units 10 Matching Bonus is calculated start from direct referral Pairing Bonus The count for each level x 10%

Deposit & Withdrawal:

Deposit & Withdrawal All deposit can using PM or Member’s E-Point. Member’s can change E-Cash (Bonus) to E-Point. E-Point – For new member registration. Withdrawal every Monday to Friday. Withdrawal only once a week for every members. Minimum withdrawal is USD50.00 Maximum withdrawal weekly is USD500.00 Must have 2 direct sponsor to withdraw bonus Withdrawal will be paid by PM or Bank Cheque

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THANK YOU www.zurichcash.com

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