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Few information about Romania and some highlights.


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ROMÂNIA Short information about România, Bucharest, Piteşti and cities around it Romanian traditions Romanian performances

România – facts and figures : 

România – facts and figures Area: 230,340 sq. km - 9th in Europe Population: 22.7 million - 7th in Europe Capital: Bucharest (2.06 million population) National Day: December 1 Ethnic groups: Romanians 89.5%, Hungarian 6.6%, Roma 2.5%, German  0.3%, Ukrainian 0.3%, Russians 0.2%, Serbs 0.2%, other 0.8% There are over 8 milions Romanians living abroad. Religion plays an integral part in the lives of Romanians. Over 86.8 % of the population belong to the Orthodox church.

About România : 

About România Videos on Youtube with photos and information about România: Romania - land of choice Romania - simple surprising Romania the paradise of Europe Top 5 Things to see in Romania Romania, my country Romania - unique attractions Beautiful Romania Magnificient Romania Castles in Romania The Carpathians Mountains a country that has it all : Romania!! Romania - de-a dreptul superba Romania country tour

Bucharest : 

Bucharest The Atheneum Caşin church Cantacuzino palace House of parliament Kretulescu palace The free press house

About Bucureşti / Bucharest : 

About Bucureşti / Bucharest Short description: Known in the past as "The Little Paris" Bucharest has changed a lot lately and today it has become a very interesting mix of old and new that has little to do with its initial reputation. Finding a 300 years old church near a steel-and-glass building that sit both next to a communist style building is common place in Bucharest. Perhaps "The Big Mix" would be a more appropriate name for the current Bucharest. Some adore it and enjoy its unique charm, while others feel uncomfortable around the gray Communist-era buildings and lack of western style tourist attractions. However, Bucharest offers some excellent attractions, and has, in recent years, cultivated a sophisticated, trendy, and modern sensibility that many have come to expect from a European capital. Bucharest has been undergoing major modernization programes in recent years and is still going to continue not if more projects in the years to come. Bucharest is experiencing an economic boom and will be experiencing this boom for many years to come. Videos on Youtube with photos and information about Bucharest: European capitals: Bucharest Bucharest - Bucureşti – Bucarest Bucureşti - micul Paris

Piteşti : 

Piteşti Piteşti is not a big city, but it is famous for some things that will catch your eye… On Youtube: about Piteşti

Piteşti : 

Piteşti Every April, The Symphony of Tulips is the most important event in the city

Piteşti : 

Piteşti This is the “musical fountain” of the city ! The light, music and water show is one of the few of its kind in Europe. On Youtube: Musical fountain

Curtea de Argeş : 

Curtea de Argeş This monastery has a legend which says that for longlasting the monastery, the creator had to make a sacrifice, so he had to build his wife in the walls...

Vidraru : 

Vidraru The dam's height is 166 meters, the arch length 305 meters. When completed, it ranked 5th in Europe, and 9th in the world.

Traditions : 

Traditions Folclore dances Căluşul - the fastest dance in the world Căluşul - the fastest dance in the world 2 Căluşul - the fastest dance in the world 3 Ciuleandra Folclore group from Piteşti Folclore songs Maria Tănase - Mărie şi Mărioară Grigore Leşe - Cântec despre Bucovina Traditional food Romanian cuisine

Romanian performances : 

Romanian performances Few highlights: Science: Henri Coandă - Pioneer of the Romanian aviation and parent of the modern jet aircraft Sports: Nadia Comăneci (first ten in history), Gică Hagi (best football player in Europe), Ilie Năstase (one of the five players in history to win more than 100 ATP professional titles), Octavian Bellu (the Most Successful Coach: 16 Olympics Gold Medals and a total of 279 medals at World and European Championships and Olympic Games). Religion: unlike the neighboring nations, which have established dates of Christianization on a fixed date, the Romanians do not have a fixed date of Christianization, as they were the first Christian nation in the region. On Youtube: A world without România Nadia Comăneci - best gymnast in the world

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