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HealthPointe Weight management learning system

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Before HP weight 74.3kg % bodyfat 28.0 % After 45 days weight 65.8kg % bodyfat 22.9% Total weight loss : 9.2 kg Total bodyfat lost: 5.1% 1/9/2007 14/10/2007 Profile of Speaker

Reality Check : 

Reality Check In the earlier New York Times article, in the report of England Weekly Health, the report brought up that “overweight and over eating have worse effect on our health compared to smoking and drinking”. This article also ends with: “Overweight can increase the possibility of getting heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and other types of cancer”.

Reality Check : 

Reality Check Traditional opinion (wrong) – Obesity is a sign of prosperity In 2003, World Health Organization (WHO) declared that OBESITY is a kind of sickness. Obesity is becoming the world’s fastest growing sickness, where most countries in the world cannot overcome. In Hong Kong and China, out of every 5 children, 1 of them is overweight.

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International obesity society group president, Professor Phillip James said, “obesity has becomes the world’s popular sickness, which most of the countries in the world finds inevitable.” Professor Phillip also warned people in the magazine “International Children’s Overweight Sickness” that this is a very serious sickness. The research on the report also stated that the percentage of the sickness has risen drastically in the Middle East and the South East Asia. Professor James also said that if we compare the percentage of children’s overweight problem in Mexico, Chile, Brazil and Egypt with the high technological countries, there are not much difference. Professor James estimated that by the year 2010, in every country, every 5 children, 1 of them will be overweight. “The children in China are similar to the children in the west, they eat the wrong food. The food industry in the west without anticipation, caused the popular sickness to grow rapidly Children overweight issue is becoming worse in the world

Uncontrollable overweight sickness : 

Uncontrollable overweight sickness WHO has already confirmed that obesity problem is the world’s biggest slow processed sickness, ranked 4th in the world’s society leading health problem. Fatness is the main causes for serious sickness: 57% diabetes; 30% gall bladder related;17% coronary heart;17% high blood pressure;14% joints/gout;11% breast/womb/colon cancer

Are you normal? : 

Are you normal? According to the WHO, the normal body standard of BMI is 19 – 23.9 and 18.5 – 22.9 for Asians. The formula to calculate the BMI is: Weight ÷ Height2 = Kg / m2 Eg: 50Kg ÷ Height 1.59 m(Square) = 19.7 Female: The Ideal percentage body fat is range from 17% - 27% Male: The Ideal percentage body fat is range from 14% - 23% Question: Are you an apple shape or a pear shape?

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??????BMI??? Standard from WHO (Find your BMI) BMI:Male/Female (Use kg, for reference use)

Market?the usual slimming way : 

Market?the usual slimming way ..and more creative methods keep cropping up… Chinese or western medicine Dieting (aka skipping meals) Liposuction Weight loss food Meal replacements High level sports Slimming and beauty centre Nutritious meal menu

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Health Pointe Fast and Safe Less hunger Normal consumption Gain energy Happy mood Maintain muscles Main issue is changing your lifestyle Comparison between HP and the usual diet menu Usual menu Slow Increase hunger Increase cravings Decrease energy Depressed Decrease muscles Only changes the menu Uniqueness of HP:No Medication, Hunger, Hyper active in sports

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Weight management: the complete learning system More than 35 years experience in an American Obesity Treatment Medical Center More than 10 years of support from American Hospitals HP weight management main approach – change in eating habits, increase in sports & activities, lower pressure Uses natural food selections, decrease the amount of excess fats and self- burn fats effect. (Burn fat-weight reduced) The complete Slimming System – Learn once, Use for Life! Endless successful examples

BANI’s Success (SINGAPORE) : 

BANI’s Success (SINGAPORE) Before HP weight 99.8kg % bodyfat 52 % 16/8/2007 16/9/2007 After 45 days weight 87.1kg % bodyfat 37% Total weight loss : 12.7kg Total bodyfat lost: 15%

Bernard’s Success (SINGAPORE) : 

Bernard’s Success (SINGAPORE) Before HP weight 107.7kg % bodyfat 41.5 % After 35days weight 96.3kg % bodyfat 35.0% Total weight loss : 11.4 kg Total bodyfat lost: 6.5 % 17/8/2007 24/9/2007

Gordon’s Success (SINGAPORE) : 

Gordon’s Success (SINGAPORE) Before HP weight 74.3kg % bodyfat 28.0 % After 45 days weight 65.8kg % bodyfat 22.9% Total weight loss : 9.2 kg Total bodyfat lost: 5.1% 1/9/2007 14/10/2007

Andrew’s Success (SINGAPORE) : 

Andrew’s Success (SINGAPORE) Before HP weight 78.7kg % bodyfat 31.2% 16/8/2007 16/9/2007 After 30 days weight 71.5kg % bodyfat 26.3% Total weight loss : 7.2kg Total bodyfat lost: 4.9%


Before HP weight 54.6kg % bodyfat 24.8 % After 45days weight 48.7kg % bodyfat 19.2% Total weight loss : 5.9 kg Total bodyfat lost: 5.6 % STEPHANIE SANG (KL MALAYSIA)

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FELIX (PENANG,MALAYSIA) Total weight loss : 6.5kg Total bodyfat lost: 5.0%

Brenda (SINGAPORE) : 

Before HP weight 52.5kg % bodyfat 22 % 17/8/2007 After 7days weight 50.7kg % bodyfat 21.3% Total weight loss : 1.8 kg Total bodyfat lost: 0.7% 24/8/2007 Brenda (SINGAPORE)

Miss Lee’s success : 

Miss Lee’s success ? Lost 13.6Kg (30 Pounds) in 3 months, fats decreased from 38.9% to 26.1%, waist from 30 inches to 25 inches. ?

Nelson’s success : 

Nelson’s success Before: 202 pounds After: 165 pounds Three months – fats reduced from 46.5%to23% , 92kg to 75kg total of 16kg(35pounds)

Mr. Goh’s success : 

Mr. Goh’s success After: 88kg (193 lbs) Before: 102kg (224 lbs) ?3 months, lost14kg,fats from 30% to 21%, Waist from 40inches to 36inches?

Mr. Tang’s success : 

? 7months, lost 53kg,fats from 50%to18%, Waist from 50inches to 36inches? Before: 133kg (293lbs) After: 80kg (176lbs) Mr. Tang’s success

=Key to success= : 

=Key to success=

=Key to success= : 

=Key to success= Possible benefits to you, what do you want? Lower risk of chronic illness (BP, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, blood sugar) Lighter body with faster movement Slimmer body with no obvious stretch marks caused Reduce dependency on control medications Feeling less tired, better still to have more energy Fitting into your new/old wedding gown Prepare for the next marathon What other things could you get out of this?

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Healthy way: 2 stages The 1St stage: Weight Loss (45days) Preparation period (1–3days) Mentally and Physically prepared for slimming period Weight loss period (28 days) Use food selections to burn fat and reach the goal weight Increase food consumption period (14 days) Let the body increase energy The 2nd stage: Life time maintenance period (3-9 months) Control and balance, to maintain the new ideal weight for life

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Get the body to burn its own fat reserves healthily You will eat low energy, low carbohydrate, low fat and medium amount of high protein food, fresh if possible Three main meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus three protein snack. Avoid being hungry! Walk 10000 steps a day (min) 2 times of 15 minutes more aggressive exercise Eat relevant organic food supplements everyday Drink 2.4 lit of good quality water everyday Test urine and check your weight every morning Record all meals and activities for monitoring Be a good student Important points of wgt loss stage

=Key to success= : 

N21System Presents Weight management: The complete learning system ( Nutrilite presents The world’s gold medal brand, nutritious supplement =Key to success= +

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The world’s leading brand-Nutrilite China Olympic Team chose Nutrilite supplements, Olympic runner 110m gold medalist, Liu Xiang is the brand’s spokesman Natural No.1 Science No.1 Nutrition No.1 World 100m record holder. Asafa Powell is Nutrilite’s spokesman ** According to the world’s market research, in 2006, Euro monitor Consultancy Completed an independent research, According to the 2006 sales,world-known brand NUTRILITE vitamins?minerals and nutrition world’s leading brand? Nutrilite Health Scientific committee

=Success package= : 

(1) Weight management system package Other Tools:measuring cups,food weighing scales,body weighing scales (3) 6-week counsel from experienced coach =Success package= (2) Nutritious supplements Above picture is for reference only

HP weight management systemLearn it once, use for life : 

Introductory Promotion $888 HP weight management systemLearn it once, use for life

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The Wellness Revolution Baby Boomers (lifestyle) (born during 1946-1964) The need from fiber to health and beauty products The potential of weight management Water and recycle reality The world’s overweight and fat sickness patients: Currently more than 12 million people, we need another 8 million for under-nutrition America: 67%, HK : 40%, China: 30%

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Beauty centre, fitness centre, fitness coach, medical people, yoga instructor, fashion boutique, dance teachers, people who are interested in health and slimming market, etc. Our market:

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Everybody can learn it: “No brainer” principal? easy to learn, easy to start and apply 2. Confidence comes from?Results 3. System:Easy to function? Instruments No shops? Low cost No limit? all over the world World team policy Health points:

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Current world team Training system The current world team introduce to friends Introduce to friends You introduce to friends The objective of world team Prepare people to succeed Build 21% of paths Your objective Learn and implement the whole process, from there, invent a passive income The power of world team

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HP Introduction HP counseling HP coach training class Support and help from reliable team co-operation Key to success Business money, path building, skill building class CEP Leadership and training class

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Africa ???? N21 world network assistance

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N21 World training instrument

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Legality? Potential market? Capital investment? Personal ability? Benefits & Returns? Managing Experience? Your enrolment:Reason to ponder for business???

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HP Introduction HP counseling HP coach training class Business money, path building, skill building class CEP Leadership and training class Next Important Dates 26-27/1/08

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