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“Successful indeed are the believers, Who are humble in their prayers And who (strictly) guard their prayers”. [Quran:23: 1,2,9] “Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve”.[Quran:2:277] Successful Believers Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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In a sound Hadith, 'Abdullah Ibn Mas'ood asked Allah's Messenger (Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him) about a deed which Allah loved the Most, he said: "Performing Salah at its stated time". The Best Deed Loved by Allah Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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“Indeed, Salah restrains from Shameful and unjust deeds” [Quran:29:45] In a Sound Hadith, Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said: “Suppose there is a river that flows in front of your house and you take a wash five times in it. Then would there remain any dirt and filth on you after that? Performing daily prayers five times a day is similar to that which washes away sins”. Meaning Salah cleans human soul and purifies man’s heart. Salah Cleans Human Soul & Purifies Heart Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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“And when My servants ask you concerning Me, then surely I am very near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he calls on Me, so they should answer My call and believe in Me that they may walk in the right way”. [Quran: 2:186] Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said, "A faithful believer while in prayer is speaking in private to his Lord.“-Sahih Buykhari: Vol:1, Book 8, Num:405Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said “Salah is a Muslim’s ascension to heaven (mirâj).” Most Closest To Allah -Salah (Contact Prayers) Allah states in a Hadith qudsi: “Out of all the ways through which My servant gets closer to Me,Salah is the dearest to me.” (Bukhari) Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Emphasizes on Salah in The Noble Quran : 

Emphasizes on Salah in The Noble Quran Salah is a sign of obedience & Complete submission to The Creator Its importance has been emphasized about 500 times in the Noble Qur’an. "I am God, there is no other God but Me, you shall worship Me and observe the Salah (Contact Prayers) to commemorate Me.“[Quran:20:14] "You shall recite what is revealed to you of the Scripture (the Quran), and observe the Salah (Contact Prayers)." [Quran:29:45]   “You shall observe the Contact Prayers (Salah) and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and bow down with those who bow down.” [Quran:2:43] Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

People Those not distracted : 

People Those not distracted “People who are not distracted by business or trade fromcommemorating GOD; they observe the Contact Prayers (Salah), and give the obligatory charity (Zakat), and they are conscious of the day when the minds and the eyes will be horrified”.[Quran:24:37] Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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The First Pillar- Shahada at the beginning of Salah Zakat - The time involved in making money (work) is devoted to Salah Fasting – One does not eat while in Salah Hajj – One faces the direction of Sacred Mosque (Mecca) while in Salah Salah Includes Other Pillars Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said: “Verily, what stands between a believer and an unbeliever (Kafr) is the abandonment of the prescribed daily Obligatory Salahs” [Narrated by Muslim] Inference: If one does not perform the daily obligatory salah then the person is an UNBELEIVER. Difference Between A Believer & An Unbeliever (Kafr) Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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“Guard strictly your (habit of) prayers”.[Quran:2:238]. "Wherever you go, you shall turn your face (during Salah) towards the Sacred Mosque (Ka`aba); wherever you might be, you shall turn your faces (during Salah) towards it." [Quran:2:150]   "And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should worship Me."[Quran:51: 56] Say: "Truly, my prayer and my service of sacrifice, my life and my death, are (all) for Allah, the Cherisher of the Worlds“. [Quran:6:162] Allah Commands you to guard your Salah Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Salah To Be Performed Even At The Time Of War : 

Salah To Be Performed Even At The Time Of War "When you are with them, and lead the Salah (Contact Prayer) for them, let a group of them stand with you and let them hold their weapons, and let them stand behind you as you prostrate.  Then, let the other group that has not prayed take their turn praying with you, while the others stand guard and hold their weapons."  [Quran:4:102] “When you travel, during war, you commit no error by shortening your Contact Prayers (Salah), if you fear that the disbelievers may attack you. Surely, the disbelievers are your ardent enemies. [Quran:4:101]  "Under unusual circumstances, you may pray while walking or riding. Once you are safe, you shall commemorate God as He taught you what you never knew."   [Quran:2:239] Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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Salat (Contact prayer) is obligatory for every Muslim aged 10 and over, Children should be taught how to perform the prayers at the age of 7, Exceptions for salah are for those who are mentally very ill, Not in Consciousness, Very critical & physically ill & times of menstruating, or experiencing post-partum bleeding for woman The inference is that it is very much emphasized for every Muslim to perform the 5 obligatory Salahs during their lifetime (until death). Exceptions For Not Performing Salah Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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“Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) Prayed; My Lord! Make me and my descendants people who establish Salah. My Lord! Accept my prayer”[Quran:14:40]. “Mention Ismail in the Book. He was true to his promise and was a Messenger and a Prophet. He used to command his people to do Salah and give zakat and he was pleasing to his Lord” [Quran:19:54-55]. Allah says to Prophet Musa (Moses):" I am Allah. There is no god but Me, so worship Me and establish regular Salah to remember Me” [Quran:20:14]. "O Maryam (Mary)! worship Thy Lord devoutly: Prostrate thyself, and bow down (in prayer) with those who bow down”[Quran:3:43]. Prophet Isa (Jesus) said, "I am the servant of Allah, He has given me the Book and made me a Prophet. He has made me blessed wherever I am and directed me to do Salah and give zakat as long as I live" [Quran:19:30-31]. Salah was obligatory at all times Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Day of Resurrection - First Question of Ones Deeds : 

Day of Resurrection - First Question of Ones Deeds Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) said: "The first of man's deeds for which he will be called to account on the Day of Resurrection will be obligatory prayers (Salah), If it is found to be perfect, he will be safe and successful; but if it is incomplete, he will be unfortunate and a loser. [Tirmidhi]. Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

ALLAH Cautions you of chief deceiver : 

ALLAH Cautions you of chief deceiver “O men! Certainly the promise of Allah is true. let not then this present life deceive you, nor let the chief deceiver deceive you about Allah - (Quran:35:5)” Plans & Postponements of SalahSome plan to start their Salah after their Studies/college / training etc.Some plan to start after their Business projects get over, Some plan to start from next Ramadan,Some plan to start after making their Umra /Hajj. So on & on people postpone their Salah with the engagements of present life ….Some before they reach their specified planned time, they end up in their Graves. Beware of the chief deceiver’s act of postponement one of the best strategies the deceiver (satan) uses to deceive Mankind Do not Postpone But Save yourself , Start Today your obligatory Salahs Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Negligence To Salah Is Penalty : 

Negligence To Salah Is Penalty As For Zakat – If you are poor or no money to give there is no penalty As For Fasting - If you are sick and cannot fast at the specified period there is no penalty. (Provided you need to take the Obligatory fasting later). As for Hajj – If you cannot afford there is no penalty. As for Daily Salah – It is obligatory & should be performed at the specific times if not there is a serious penalty for not performing Salahs. SAVE YOURSELF FROM A SEVERE PENALTY Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Neglect Not Salah -ALLAH Cautions of Hellfire : 

Neglect Not Salah -ALLAH Cautions of Hellfire Allah asks to those in Hellfire: What has led you into Hell-Fire? They will answer : “we were not of those who prayed (Obligatory Salahs);” [Quran: 74:42-43] Abdullah ibn 'Amr ibn al-'Aas reported that the Prophet (Pbuh) said: "Whoever guards and observes his prayer, they will be a light and a proof and a savior for him on the Day of Resurrection. Whoever does not guard and observe them, they will not be a light or a proof or a savior for him. On the Day of Resurrection, he will be with Qarun, Fir'aun, Haman and Ubayy ibn Khalf." (Related by Ahmad, at-Tabarani and Ibn Hibban). Allah Says: “So woe the worshippers who are neglectful of their prayers.”[Quran:107:4-5) Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

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“Allah desireth for you ease; He desireth not hardship for you” [Quran : 2:185]. ALLAH Desireth Ease For You & Places No Burden If One cannot pray standing, then it should be done sitting If One cannot pray sitting , then it should be done lying on the bed If One cannot pray lying on bed, then it should be done with the eyesIf One cannot pray with eyes then it should be done at least with the heart “On no soul doth Allah Place a burden greater than it can bear. It gets every good that it earns, and it suffers every ill that it earns.”[Quran:2:286]."Allah does not want to place you in difficulty, But He wants to purify you ,and to complete His Favour to you and that you may be thankful"(Quran:5:6) Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Last Counsel : 

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Last Counsel THE LAST COUNSEL Allah’s Messenger-Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) When he was about to breathe his last, he said repeatedly advised: “Lo! Be careful of your Salah (prayers) andof those whom you possess or have under your charge.” He continued to repeat these words until they became inaudible but it appeared that he was trying to express them. (Baihaqi and Ahmad, Ibn Kathir, Vol. IV, p.473) Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Let Us Hasten to Success - Prayers : 

“Let us hasten to perform our prayers at the stated time before the moment comes when people will hasten to perform the funeral prayer for us”. Let Us Hasten to Success - Prayers Until, when death comes to one of them, he says: “O my Lord! send me back (to life) “In order that I may work righteousness in the things I neglected." But to no soul will Allah grant respite when the time appointed (for it) has come; and Allah is well acquainted with (all) that ye do” [Quran:63:10-11] Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Come Closer To Allah & Follow An Excellent Example : 

Come Closer To Allah & Follow An Excellent Example My servant does not come closer to Me with anything more dear to Me than that which I made obligatory upon him. My servant keeps coming closer to Me with more volunteer deeds, until I love him. When I love him, I become His ear by which he hears, his eyes by which he sees, his hand by which he holds and his foot by which he walks. If he asks Me any thing I shall give him. If he seeks My protection I shall grant him My protection(Al-Bukhari 6021) Certainly you have in the Messenger of Allah an excellent example for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah[Quran:33:21]. Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success

Join A Dawah community & Keep Enlightening : 

Dear Brothers & Sisters In Islam,Come closer to Allah! Come Closer to Islam! Join any Islamic Dawah Group at your corner of the world.Enlighten yourself attending regularly sessions of Quran & (Authentic) Hadith teachings. By Enlightening yourself you will enlighten your family, The best you can give to yourself & to your family in this life for the life after.Allah says in the Quran, "O you who believe! Save yourselves and your family from a fire whose Fuel are men and stones." [Quran:66:6] Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success Join A Dawah community & Keep Enlightening

You Are the Best of People : 

If you like to receive similar presentations in future, Please subscribe by just sending an email to: haya-alal-falah+subscribe@googlegroups.comKindly do forward this presentation to every Muslims you know, Be it your parents, husband, wife, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, cousins, relations, friends & Colleagues wherever they are. The others who receive this kindly forward the same to the rest of the Muslims you know. We never know someone in some corner of the world will benefit & will come closer to Allah, Surely Allah will reward you for your good deed, FOR HE IS THE BEST TO GIVE REWARDS.“Allah hath promised those who believe and do good works, Theirs will be forgiveness and immense reward.”[Quran:5:9] Allah Says: “Ye are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah”. [Quran:3:110] Haya 'alal-falahCome To True Success Come closer to Allah! Come Closer to Islam! Come to True Success! You Are the Best of People

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