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World IPv6 Day:

World IPv6 Day

Why World IPv6 Day ?:

Why World IPv6 Day ? The goal of the day is to motivate the industries around the world to get prepared for transmitting their services from IPv4 to IPv6 ……

Participation Of top Sites…:

Participation Of top Sites… Facebook , Google and Yahoo are some of the important sites that will be providing IPv6 networking today .

What to expect from IPv6….:

What to expect from IPv6…. IPv6 serves the same function as IPv4 , but without all the limitations that are there in it. One of these advantages is the large amount of space available for the addresses.

 Advantages Of Using IPv6 Over IPv4? :

Advantages Of Using IPv6 Over IPv4? IPv4 is good but it lacks the features required in the fast growing internet world. Like Large address space Better header format Provision for extension

Impact of World IPv6 Day….:

Impact of World IPv6 Day…. It will be an upgrade to all our networks. World IPv6 day will expose all the issues that can be faced and will be handled under controlled conditions.

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