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Succession planning:

Succession planning

What is Succession Planning ?:

What is Succession Planning ? Succession planning is a process whereby an organization ensures that employees are recruited and developed to fill each key role within the company. Through succession planning process, the organization recruit superior employees, develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities, and prepare them for advancement or promotion into ever more challenging roles.

Need for Succession Planning:

Need for Succession Planning Improved job filling for key positions. Active development of “potential candidates”. Auditing the ‘talent pool’ of the organization. Fostering a corporate culture.

What Does Succession Planning Involve? :

What Does Succession Planning Involve? Determine what roles and skills are critical for the growth of the company Identify and understand the developmental needs of employees to fill those positions Identifying people who could potentially fill and perform highly in such roles. Developing the required capabilities in those people through a program of learning experiences planned collaboratively by the organization

Models of Succession Planning :

Models of Succession Planning Short-term planning or emergency replacements. (focuses on a urgent need caused by a sudden development) Long-term planning or managing talent. (focuses on the future needs of the organization) Combination of above plans. (focuses on long-term growth of both the employees and the organization)

Advantages of Succession Planning :

Advantages of Succession Planning Prepares current employees to undertake key roles. Reduces the Need to Recruit Externally. Improves employee commitment and therefore retention. Meets the career development requirements of existing employees. Develops a strategic Leadership Human Resource Plan. Builds relationships with and carefully study the performance and behavior of successors over a long period of time.

Disadvantages of succession planning :

Disadvantages of succession planning Narrow focus. Negative effects on motivation. Family rivalries. Organizational structure changes.

    Tips for successful succession planning :

Tips for successful succession planning Build Open Relationships Have a Vision of the Future Desktop Thinking Identify Potential Involve Your People Communicate Use Development Tools Engage and Challenge Give Them Fun Review

  Succession planning in Infosys :

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