Grammar Practice 8-27-14 and 8-28-14

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Grammar Practice 8-28-14:

Grammar Practice 8-28-14 Subject/Verb Agreement The windows in the house sticks easily. The exhibit of the artist’s paintings were very interesting. Neither the plates nor the serving bowl go on that shelf. Noun/Pronoun Agreement Each cowboy and horse drank ______ fill at the desert oasis. The committee decided to spend _______ budget surplus on drinks for the officers.

Grammar Practice 8-27-14:

Grammar Practice 8-27-14 Subject/Verb Agreement There is several reasons why you should reconsider your decision. Howard and Vincent, who runs a copy center in town, have decided to expand. Juan or Julian prepare the conference room each week Noun/Pronoun Agreement Bill, in addition to his aides, will give ____ reports tomorrow. The aide or the programmers will move ______ office today.

Practice 8-28-14:

Practice 8-28-14 You are a grammar practice ahead of my 1 st period class; so instead of having a grammar practice, complete the following: Read the Michael Brown article you received as you walked in. Identify the four different elements of Talking to the Text within the Article. Use the Talking to the Text Powerpoint to help you. Find evidence from the text and cite it in order to support your answers. Write your answer in paragraph form

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