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ALL MYTHS BUSTED ABOUT RHINOPLASTY SURGERY Also known as “Nose Job” Rhinoplasty surgery is the most famous kind of plastic surgery among young crowd. In case you are also coining with the idea of getting one for yourself then there are certain things that you ought to know before. It is important that you be well versed with all the research and trust your Doctor completely before going under the knife. There are many myths associated with “nose job” surgery that might cause you to change your mind. Don‟t fall prey to this wrong information that is also circulating on the internet. In this article we are going to bust few myths about it. It Is A Very Simple Surgery: Contrary to the popular belief rhinoplasty nose surgery is actually quite complicated. One should be actually careful before undergoing it. Each section of the nasal cavity is quite sensitive and can‟t be removed just like that. The surgery should be done under the supervision of a trained doctor only. Any wrong cut can lead to a major problem. Your Nose Will Be Permanently Bruised: This is the most terrible myth associated with rhinoplasty surgery. Your nose will naturally have few bruises after the surgery but they will go away with time. In case you still do not feel very sure about it feel free to take second opinion from other doctor.

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It Is Excruciatingly Painful: Yes you are bound to feel some pain post-surgery but that does not mean that you have to be given anesthesia for sleeping. You will feel a bit uncomfortable 3–4 months after the surgery but everything will be back to normal after that. You may face the problem of congested throat or cold for a few days as well. You don‟t have to fret about pain in nasal cavity and throat for the first few months but if it continues after that then take a medical help. You Will Look Like A Celebrity: This is an absolute myth You better not fall prey to that. The „Nose job” surgery is done to give a proper shape to your nose not for making you look like a celebrity. Don‟t push your doctor to do unnecessary things for no reason. It will only make you fall in trouble. Source:

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