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Google Penguin or (Webspam algorithm) was the latest update on 24th April 2012 Penguin enforces you to follow Google Quality guidelines if you want to be in google search results.


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Google Penguin Update :

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Or Webspam Algorithm :

Latest Google Algorithm “Google Penguin” fights against the spamming. On April 24 th 2012 the algorithm is Perform in public for the first time and many webmasters have examine that significantly traffic dropping down. Ecommerce Internet Marketing and SEO Companies has feel the effect of New Google Penguin update. If you use Black Hat SEO your time is over. Webspam algorithm helps in detecting and penalizing over Optimization Websites. Do only White-Hat SEO. Google Penguin Or Webspam Algorithm

Lesson For Spammers:

Lesson For Spammers If your site get effected by Google Penguin update. There might be number of reasons for that: Cloaking Hidden text and links Keyword stuffing Links Follow Google quality guidelines Duplicate Content Doorway Pages

Matt Cutts Suggestions :

Matt Cutts Suggestions You might be using all these things but now its time to stop doing that and clean up their sites to recover from the Penguin update He say’s in his video that Cloaking is “definitely high risk”. Google didn't announced specially about the Cloaking but Penguin will effect those who violate Google’s existing quality guidelines.” In guidelines list clocking fits. Google says, “Don’t use cloaking or sneaky redirects.” A Lesson in Cloaking

Matt Cutts Suggestions:

Matt Cutts Suggestions Avoid Hidden Text And Links – This also comes under one of Google guidelines. Don’t use white text on a white background. Don’t include text behind images. Don’t use CSS to hide text. Don’t set the font size to 0 and much more. If you still do Google consider your website untrustworthy. Hidden Text And Links

Matt Cutts Suggestions:

Matt Cutts Suggestions Avoid links to web spammers or ‘bad neighborhoods’ on the web. Google says Ranking of your site affected by those sites those are links to your site. Content, Subject Matter, Quality, Popularity, etc must be understand before doing link exchange. Your Page Rank depends upon exchange of links. Don’t do excessive link exchange, buying and selling of links from spammers. Get Better At Links

What To Do or Not to Do?:

What To Do or Not to Do? Remove hidden contents from your sites. Be careful at the time of links exchange Use qualitative and knowledgably strong, and unique contents. Concentrate on keywords and don’t use irrelevant keywords. Avoid redirections and don’t create multiple pages or sub domains with duplicate content. Don’t create doorway pages just for search engines. Don’t create pages with malicious behavior, or installing viruses like Trojans and others.


Conclusion Google Penguin- This is very clear that webspam algorithm directs you to follow Google quality guidelines. “Penguin algorithm is created to know who is violating google quality guidelines. We advise you to use those Website Promotion Services who do “What-hat SEO” and following top Search Engines Guidelines. If your website don’t comes in search results that is useless for you. There is nothing new rather then google enforce you to follow his quality guidelines.



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