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Institution By Z oe S tannard

What is institution?:

What is institution ? Media institutions are also known as media conglomerate/group and companies become a media institution by owning a number of companies that are involved in media. This means that any company, which is responsible for any type of media. An example of this would be the BBC as they produce, market and distribute media product.


Empire Empire is a magazine company that markets films in its magazines. They are considered a media institution and we (Guardian Productions) have chosen them to market our film, The Suppressed. The media company write reviews on a variety of media formats, such films, TV shows and gaming, and they also offer the latest news on what’s going on in the TV and film world as well as features, which show their opinion on what the best trailers and soundtracks are to the films they have reviewed. Many film lovers read this type of magazine so that they can see the rating of the film and read the review to decide whether or not they want to see the film. We chose Empire to market our film because Empire is very well-known within the film industry and they are trusted, by the audience, to write an honest review. Furthermore, to receive a good review from Empire would gain much attention for our film.

Warner Brothers:

Warner Brothers Warner Brothers are a massive company within the film, TV show and gaming industry. We (Guardian Productions) have chosen them to distribute our film as will be shown within the opening of our trailer. We really liked their popularity in the media industry and how they have contributed to many films, especially within the action/adventure genre. This is shown across their Twitter and YouTube pages, where they are hitting nearly 4 million followers on Twitter and over 5 million subscribers on YouTube, giving us a great advantage when they market our film to the audience. The wide range of genres and different medias that they also contribute to will allow us to be exposed across different medias as well as draw new audiences to our film.

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