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List Of Online Collaboration Tools For Your Business :

List Of Online Collaboration Tools For Your Business

Introduction :

Introduction When it comes to team collaborations and internal communication, it is important for companies to find the right tool that can get the message across without any hassle It is 2019 and most employees have moved beyond email to communicate with teammates, deeming it to be an inconvenient and time-consuming process.  Online collaboration tools have become instrumental in shaping the way team communications take place today. With new technologies and tools replacing the old ways, teams can effortlessly connect with each other no matter which part of the world they are working from.  But what are the tools that have become popular in recent years? Here’s a list of all collaboration tools that you need for your business in 2019

1. G- Suite For Business :

1. G- Suite For Business G-suite provides a plethora of apps and tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Hangouts and Gmail The ease of collaboration makes G-Suite the first choice for teams and even bigger companies .

2. Zoapi Screen Sharing :

2. Zoapi Screen Sharing Zoapi is a functional and collaborative screen sharing technology for meeting rooms and conferences.  This device is mainly used for efficient screen sharing during presentations as well as video conferencing with clients and remote team in meeting rooms .

3. Slack :

3. Slack With slack, you have the option to group chat within the channel or collaborate with a team member directly using the direct message . Slack also supports voice and video calling feature for a quick one-on-one session with your team.

4. Asana :

4 . Asana Asana helps teams to easily create to-do lists for ongoing projects, set reminders for upcoming deadlines and send requests to colleagues.  It is designed efficiently for companies to easily monitor their employees work productivity and track their 

5. Skype :

5. Skype One of the best features of Skype is that it’s user-friendly and feels like any other social media application Since organizations and teams find Skype very easy to maneuver . 

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