Basics of Medical Waste Management - How the waste is actually collect

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Basics of Medical Waste Management - How the waste is actually collected and disposed Healthcare facilities like Hospitals Clinics and Health Centers generate wastes which are the byproducts of various treatment and surgical procedures and might be a threat to living beings and the environment. Hence it’s proper collection and disposal - also known as Waste Management is required consistently. The purpose of this article is to help entities involved in the whole process to understand how deployment of a Medical Waste Management System can actually help them. Read Along. A Waste Management Application primarily involves below 3 entities which completes the whole waste collection and disposal process. The Waste Generators: Medical waste generators are mainly health facilities like hospitals and clinics - both for treating humans and animals. They generate wastes while using apparatuses medical products and other items which might be Hazardous in nature. It can be infectious and pose a major threat to environment and nature owing to its contamination by the infectious agents and other associated materials. Per Government norms these medical wastes are categorized under 5 color categories red/blue/white/yellow/black and should be stored separately in containers. With a Waste Management Application the hospitals can ask for pickup of these bags with ease from within the app itself. The collectors would then be notified about the pickup and the kind of baggages they are supposed to carry and any misunderstandings/confusions are reduced that might hamper the overall process of waste collection. The Waste Collectors: These persons are employed by the waste management companies for door-to-door pickup of the medical wastes generated with utmost care. They generally use a motorized vehicle and use the Waste Management Application for knowing the location of waste pickup the type of medical wastes that they are supposed to pick and the quantity of it. They receive further directives from within the app from admins who sit and operate the Medical Waste Management System.

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The Waste Management Company: This entity is wholly responsible for waste collection and its proper disposal. Medical wastes generated are picked-up by collectors and taken to the assigned warehouses where it is sorted based on their categories and then sent to their respective disposal units. In performing all these operations the company has to make sure it is following all the regulations and directives laid down by local government authorities and agencies so that safe and proper disposal of wastes can be done. Ziplitter is one of the leading company providing Medical Waste Management System to waste management companies. It allows them to focus more on their work and process of waste management so that they are more compliant towards government norms and policies. Want more information about the product Contact Ziplitter and we would be happy to assist you.

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