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Using the Internet • The Internet is a Wide Area Network made from lots and lots of linked individual computers and networks. • It is worldwide and can be accessed by anyone with an Internet connection. • Anyone can add information to the Internet which means that some things you read online are not necessarily correct or reliable. • There are 2 ways of locating information on the Internet: The first is by accessing sites by typing in the URL (web address) The second is find information using a Search Engine (useful when you do not know the exact URL)


Opening a website from a URL (web address) URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator , which is the individual address given to any document found on the Internet. The URL contains two parts: The first is the name of the protocol being used (e.g. http://) The second is the name of the computer which is storing the document (e.g. www.cesegypt.com ) How to open a website from a URL Open Web Browser (Internet Explorer for example). Type the URL of the site you wish to access in the Address Bar then press enter. In this example the address used is the address for the homepage of the Amazon Shopping Website .


Storing and Accessing Favorite Websites To avoid having to retype long URLs like this you can use the View Favorites icon to store individual URLs into your web browser . You can then open your stored favorites without having to remember any URLs.


Using a Search Engine A Search Engine is useful if you do not know the URL of a website or if you want information and do not know where to look. There are many search engines to choose from and they all perform a similar job. Search engines take the words that you enter and try to match these to their database of web pages. NOTE: words you enter in a search engine are known as a “Search String” . The more detail you include in your search string the more likely it will be that the search engine can find exactly what you are looking for.

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