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Pedro Aguirre, Matthew Andrew, Luis Ybarra, Robert Zheng


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Mgt. 110 Team 2 Presentation Saladino’s Case:

Mgt. 110 Team 2 Presentation Saladino’s Case

Current Problems with Saladino’s:

Workplace Safety Communications Current Problems with Saladino’s



Current Problem:

Current Problem Too many workplace injuries. These injuries have resulted in high costs in Workers’ compensation claims.

Solution: Safety and Health Program:

Solution: Safety and Health Program Adopted from OSHA to help upper management implement new safety and health solutions.

Program Structure:

Management Commitment and Employee Involvement Worksite Analysis Hazard Prevention and Control Safety and Health Training Program Structure

Management Commitment and Employee Involvement:

Management takes active role in associates’ safety. Associates have clearly written safety guidelines. Management Commitment and Employee Involvement

Worksite Analysis:

Management and associates will survey worksite for health and safety hazards. Associates will also be surveyed regularly. Worksite Analysis

Hazard Prevention and Control:

Management will remove safety hazards when possible. When safety hazards cannot be removed, associates will be trained specifically in how to safely deal with safety hazards. Hazard Prevention and Control

Safety and Health Training:

All new and existing associates will receive workplace safety training. Associates will be periodically tested on workplace safety. Safety and Health Training



Saladino’s Current Communication:

Saladino’s Current Communication Memo’s are sent from upper management to lower management. Lower management is then expected to relay newly implemented policies or programs to Saladino associates.


Memo’s on newly implemented programs are often not being relayed to associates by management. If and when messages are given to associates, they are often not read or fully comprehended. This miscommunication leads to Saladino associates being unaware of critical topics or issues within the company. Problem

Solution: Dock Talks:

A communication program adopted from Hearth and Home Technologies for standardizing meetings and testing employees to verify information retention. Its purpose is to hold management and associates accountable for both delivering messages and understanding them. Solution: Dock Talks

“Dock Talks” Structure:

“Dock Talks” Structure A central hub would be created where upper management can post memo’s as well as company related issues. These memo’s or issues are then taken by lower level management to be relayed to other Saladino associates. Management would then create a “Dock Talks” packet appropriate for each department.

Step 1:

Step 1 Saladino’s associates print and sign their name on the first page of the “Dock Talks” packet. This Page contains the meeting location, presenter, and date. As well as lists the topics for the current meeting.

Step 2:

Step 2 The 2 nd page of “Dock Talks” contains messages or issues to be addressed in the meeting. I.E. Safety issues, Current Promotions, Reminders. These issues are thoroughly discussed between Saladino’s associates and lower level management.

Step 3:

Step 3 Each Saladino’s associate in attendance is then expected to take a short quiz. This quiz briefly addresses the issues covered in the meeting. Quiz’s are then turned in by Saladino’s associates are then reviewed by management to make sure new programs or issues are fully understood.

Funding and Resources:

Funding and Resources Safety and Health Program Will cost time and money. Largest cost will come from annual physician physicals for associates. Reduced safety costs and decreased associate turnover will offset the cost. Management will have slightly increased workload Doc Talks Virtually cost free Will take time and human resources to retool communication system, however equipment is already in place

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