Our Carbon Footprint

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Our Carbon Footprints:

Our Carbon F ootprints Zhané Armstrong Georgian College, Barrie March 26 th , 2014


Outline Did you know…? What is Global Warming? Contributing Factors Reducing our Carbon Footprints

Did you know…:

Did you know… “Since 1990, yearly emissions have gone up by about 6 billion metric tons of “carbon dioxide equivalent ” worldwide, more than a 20 percent increase.”

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Global Warming and Contributing Factors Green house gases: Fossil fuel combustion Methane Nitrous Oxide Loss of forests

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What Can We Do? Cutting back on carbon footprints Transportation Energy Plant some trees! Auto Smart vehicle ratings

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Remember… Positively give back to the Environment Plant trees! Turn off your lights Walk instead of drive Reduce your carbon footprint

References :

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