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Slide 1: 

Take the Time…..

Slide 2: 

Take time to Love… It is the secret of eternal youth!

Slide 3: 

Take time to laugh… It is the music of the heart!

Slide 4: 

Take time to cry… It is the sign of a large heart!

Slide 5: 

Take time to read… It is the source of knowledge!

Slide 6: 

Take the time to hear… ! It is the power of Intelligence

Slide 7: 

Take time to think… It is the key of success!

Slide 8: 

Take time to play… It is the freshness of childhood!

Slide 9: 

Take time to dream… It is the breath of happiness!

Take time TO LIVE… Because time passes… QUICKLY And NEVER returns! : 

Take time TO LIVE… Because time passes… QUICKLY And NEVER returns!

Slide 11: 

Happy road to life my friends

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