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Philosophy Of Life

Slide 2: 

Think freely Practice patience Smile often Savor special moments

Slide 3: 

Make new friends Rediscover old ones Tell those that you love that you do

Slide 4: 

Feel deeply Discard worry Forget trouble Forgive an enemy

Slide 5: 

Have good ideas Make some mistakes Learn from them. Be crazy

Slide 6: 

Count your blessings Observe miracles -- make them happen Pick some daisies Share them

Slide 7: 

See a sunrise Listen to the rain Look for rainbows Gaze at the stars See beauty everywhere

Slide 8: 

Laugh heartily Spread joy Reminisce

Slide 9: 

Hope Grow Work Hard Be Wise Try to understand Cry when you need to

Slide 10: 

Trust life Have Faith Enjoy wonder Comfort a friend Believe in your self ! © January/2009

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