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Introduction :

Introduction Name : Zeeshan safdar Topic: Social class

Consumer Behavior: :

Consumer Behavior: Consumer Behavior is the behavior that consumers display in search for, purchasing, using, evaluating and disposing of product and services. CB also gives answer like what, when , where and how they buy, use and evaluate it after the purchase.

Social class: :

Social class: Social class can be defined as a hierarchy in which the people are divided in different groups on the basis of: Education Occupation Income Place of residence

Characteristics of Social Class :

Characteristics of Social Class

TYPES of social class:

TYPES of social class

Characteristics of upper class: :

Characteristics of upper class:

Characteristics of middle class: :

Characteristics of middle class:

Characteristics of poor: :

Characteristics of poor:

Measurement of social class: :

Measurement of social class: The objective method measures and analyzes “hard” facts. The subjective method asks people what they think of themselves. The reputational method asks what people think of others.

Practical study of pak Suzuki:

Practical study of pak Suzuki

Introduction of pak Suzuki:

Introduction of pak Suzuki The firm was founded in 1983 as a joint venture between the government of Pakistan and Suzuki Motor Japan . Pak Suzuki is the market leader in Pakistan Automobile Market by having more than 60%(December, 2011) of market share.

Suzuki consumers:

Suzuki consumers Suzuki has been targeting all the customers falls in Upper, middle and lower category. But the middle and lower class customers are the backbone of Suzuki market share. The Suzuki models like mehran and cultus are the most selling products in lower and middle class.

Statistics market share of Suzuki consumers Upper class - -----------------------------15% Middle class-------------------------------30% Lower class ------------------------------55% :

Statistics market share of Suzuki consumers Upper class - ----------------------------- 15% Middle class-------------------------------30% Lower class ------------------------------ 55%

Analyzing Social class buying process:

Analyzing Social class buying process Suzuki Pakistan always try to launch new models for all the social class consumers. The Upper level consumers looks for the status symbol. The middle class consumers looks for the features and safety of the car. The lower class looks for the fuel efficiency and low price of the cars.


MARKET SEGMENTATION OF SUZUKI Suzuki has segmented its market in following way APV AND JIMNY is for UPPER Class. Cultus, liana and swift is for Middle Class MEHRAN, and VAN is for LOWER Class.


PROMOTION STRATIGIES OF SUZUKI For upper class they only advertise the car style because the upper class just go for the car status. Middle class concerns for the cars features so the Suzuki just tells the car features in the middle range cars advertisements. Lower class wants the fuel efficiency and the price concerns so they mainly focused on the price during promotion.

Online survey from consumers:

Online survey from consumers In 2010, Suzuki conducted the online survey from the social class consumers of Suzuki. The consumers show concerns that Suzuki Pakistan often lack essential features such as airbags, windshield defogger and back seat belts. Suzuki is trying to overcome these concerns in near future.

Target market of Suzuki:

Target market of Suzuki Suzuki always try to target the lower and middle class consumers but from 2010 and onwards Suzuki changed their strategy and now also focused on upper class by introducing the imported cars like APV and JIMNY. Which increases 7% of market share.


SWOT ANALYSIS STRENGTHS Cars for every social class consumers. Good resale value. Easily available spare parts. Highest market share. WEAKNESS No sports car model. Lack of safety features. Less focus on design of the car.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Opportunities Make extra space for he CNG cylinders. Opportunity to introduce the electric cars in the market. THREATS Competition from imported cars of china and japan. Increase in fuel prices

PowerPoint Presentation:

From the report concluded that Suzuki Pakistan is covering all the social class consumers of Pakistan. They have a wide range of cars for all the consumers. Suzuki Pakistan has divided there market segmentation into lower, middle and upper class consumers.


SUGGESTIONS THEY should introduce luxury cars for upper class. The introduction of Electric cars for the lower class. They should add safety features in the cars.

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