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Prepared by: Zeeshan Safdar Roll No: AM552928 Hajra Dar Roll No: AM572798 Malik Furqan Ashraf Roll No: AM552098 Muhammad Nabeel Ayaz Roll No: AM552468

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DEDICATION We dedicate our work to our family. A special feeling of thanks to our loving parents whose words of encouragement encourages us.

Introduction to the topic::

Introduction to the topic:

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Collective Bargaining is negotiation between an employer and a group of employees to reach an agreement on working conditions. Collective Bargaining

Scope Of Collective Bargaining:

Scope Of Collective Bargaining Wages fixation. Increments and bonus payment. Hours of work & overtime. Terms & conditions of work. Safety, welfare and health care.


HISTORY The term "collective bargaining" was first used in 1891 by economic theorist Sidney Web . However, collective negotiations and agreements had existed since the rise of trade unions during the nineteenth century.

Stages of Collective Bargaining:

Stages of Collective Bargaining Preparing Arguing Signaling Proposing Packaging Bargaining Closing Agreeing

Criteria For Making Collective Bargaining Effective:

Criteria For Making Collective Bargaining Effective Proper selection of negotiating team. Consider union as a partner. Understand views and interests of other party with open mind. Adequate homework. Strikes & lockouts are to be last resorts.

Levels of Collective Bargaining:

Levels of Collective Bargaining Collective bargaining operates at three levels: 1. National level. 2. Sector or industry level. 3. Company/enterprise level.

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National level: National bargaining is a negotiation between union confederations, central employer associations and government agencies. It aims at providing a floor for lower level bargaining on the terms of employment. 2. Sector Or Industry Level: Sector oral bargaining, which aims at the standardization of the terms of employment in one industry, includes a range of bargaining patterns.

3.Company level:

3.Company level The third bargaining level involves the company and/or establishment. As a supplementary type of bargaining, it emphasizes the point that bargaining levels need not be mutually exclusive.

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Practical Study of OGDCL


OGDCL (OIL & GAS DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LTD) Created in 1961. National oil & gas company of Pakistan. listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006. Share of the total oil and gas production in Pakistan is 52% and 23% respectively.


MAJOR ACTIVITIES Exploration & Development of Oil & Gas Resources. MAIN PRODUCT LINE Crude Oil Gas LPG

Logo of OGDCL:

Logo of OGDCL

Vision statement:

Vision statement "To be a leading multinational Exploration and Production Company". MISSION STATEMENT “Our mission is to become a competitive, dynamic and growing Company, rapidly enhancing our reserves through world class work force".

How Situation Occurs :

How Situation Occurs The working pattern of OGDC is a different from other organizations. The oil and gas fields are located in remote areas. Most of the unskilled labor is hired from the nearby areas, while skilled staff is hired from all over the country. The workings conditions are tough and frustrations of worker during stay in fields create problems for the management.

Labor Demand :

Labor Demand 19th April 2011, the following demands of labor are: Living facility. Life insurance facility. Safety measures. Medical facility.

Management’s Action :

Management’s Action In response to the above demands, management decided to have an internal meeting for fulfillment of these demands and for this purpose management told the Union Representatives required two weeks time for taking any decision in this regard. After the lapse of these two weeks, management did not decide anything in favors or against OGDCL labor of remote areas.

Strikes are to be taken :

Strikes are to be taken Due to this situation, 4 thousand labors serve a three days strike notice to the management. They said that during the strike no work would be done in field as well as in offices.

Union and Management Meeting :

Union and Management Meeting After receiving the above mentioned strike notice, OGDC management arranged an emergency meeting with the union representatives in OGDC Headquarters. OGDC Labor Union President Chaudhry Mohammad Akram represents OGDC union, bargain very comprehensively, and forced the management to accept the labor demands.

Steps That Are Taken By the Management:

Steps That Are Taken By the Management There are following steps are taken by the management: Workers spend 45 days in filed and is allowed 15 days off to live with their families. This helps them to regain their energies and remove their frustration. Management has taken the steps such as facilities of life insurance, free medical for workers. The Corporation also provides all safety measures and use of helmet for the worker in the field.

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SWOT Analysis


STRENGTHS: Highly Skilled People. Vast Experience. Partner are the biggest Players in the market. High market capital and revenue.


WEAKNESSES Political Influences Target Customer is limited Market model is not scalable Third party dependence Inadequate Financing


OPPORTUNITIES Great positioning in the market Expanding into vertical market Few substitutes High international Market


THREATS Technology Fear of unproductive wells Vast Market Customers have more opportunities in global market


CONCLUSION From the above report, concluded that how collective bargaining is formed and done. It is legal tool for the labor to fight their rights. Management realizes that the positive role of trade union has helped in implementation of their policies. It considers the workers as valuable assets of the corporation and union activities as their genuine right. The labor union feels that good industrial relations are key to the success of OGDCL.


RECOMMENDATIONS Use latest technology. Hire Skilled labor. Hire Engineers from China. Provides latest instruments to labor. Provide batter medical facility.

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